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With many enthusiastic members from all age groups, backgrounds. The social side of the club is important in that members attending events can meet others with whom they share a major interest, thereby enhancing their enjoyment of the club and ownership of their Jeep.

Where you will find a technical section where you can ask many experienced members for assistance in solving problems that you may have or even if you require advice on modifications, this section is growing as the club develops. Organised events each year of great variety.

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August 19th - 21st  2016

American Auto Club international

August 26th - Sept 04th 2016

Corsica Expedition

September 24th 2016

Urban Jeep Cruise - London

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Full deatils of all Jeep owners Club events can be found on the Club forum in the members area.


October 16th 2016

Hawstone Park 4x4 Site

November 20th 2016

Slindon Saffari 4x4 Site

September 17-18th 2016

Perterborough Land Rover Show

November / December  2016


September 17th 2016

Thetford Forrest - Green Lane day

Brugge Christmas Markets