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  1. Yesterday
  2. Stew the Jeep

    The shire yesterday

  3. Hi, put me on the list please. I would be interested in a short test drive on the road in a top spec, petrol Compass and /or Renegade if that's possible please. Phil
  4. Blimey had I met Alex at this time, I would have got it!
  5. Last week
  6. LazyFerret

    My WK2 Cute Friendly Giant.

    I managed to get the Waeco DC40 installed today. First job was to lift the rear seats... Nice and easy on the Jeep, just undo 2 bolts, and 2 nuts, then hinge them up out the way, exposing the carpet underneath. I did have to use a luggage strap to tie the seat up. For some reason, the carpet is moulded and raised about an inch from the floor, but once lifted, I could see it was to clear some studs welded to the floor. I cut the carpet in the area where the DC40 was to go. I then removed the 2 studs that were in my way, and also trimmed the mount for the DC40, to fit into the space. The seats on the jeep move forward, and also lower when folded, to make the loading area flat. By putting the DC40 right back, means as the seats fold down and move forward, it leaves the DC40 in the gap behind. Once the studs were cut off, I painted the area to protect it from rust. I used a touch up paint, which dried a lot lighter than the photo shows. All mounted in position. I used 50amp Anderson connectors to connect it all up, and ran the cables between the battery locations. These are then all hidden under the carpet, the seats all bolted back down, and everything hidden away and safe. There is a remote control cable for the DC40, which will be run up to a switch on the dashboard, so I can choose to switch it off, if the main battery is low, and I want all the charge to go into that. Next job is the install the battery.
  7. Got ya covered, added to the list.
  8. Would you add me too please thanks Peter
  9. Jim, Would you add me as well please
  10. Kerry will also come along in her Renegade , Exactly a year since we picked it up from there .
  11. Can you add me to the list for this one please Jim
  12. Add me please. Nowt special about mine. Haven’t had the trackhack engine dropped in the TJ yet.....
  13. Updated details see first post! Let me know if you want to be added to the attendee list. Going to be a great little meet.
  14. neal

    Dog Hair!

    Might be quicker to vacuum the dog....... cut out the middleman
  15. Rob Wrangler

    Dog Hair!

    Having said that, I still have to vacuum the dog hair out! Ahem....
  16. TimC

    Dog Hair!

    Well said Neal...………..I have found that if possible, one should not resent the hairs, the chewed seat belts, the mud, the scratched interior etc because there comes a time when you would give anything to have that back again
  17. TimC

    CJ-5 1978 in E15 Stratford

    …….oh and by the way, if you have a CJ you will need this: Lighthouse Jeep Parts We carry a large stock of hard to find parts for most Jeep models. To contact us, please call 01953 681237 with your enquiries. Our address: Lighthouse Jeep Parts Nethergate Street Hopton Diss Norfolk IP22 2RD Phone: 10953 681237 Fax: 01953 681261
  18. TimC

    CJ-5 1978 in E15 Stratford

    ……..well I wouldn't say "a lot" exactly Jim, there are one or two , and as if to immediately prove me wrong we get two CJ5 questions posted within a week! Blimey. Welcome to the club Nath I have not done a full rewiring on a CJ, just bits and bobs as they needed it, I've tried to leave the wiring alone as once you start mucking about in 40 year old wiring everything seems to pack up. However I understand that you can buy full complete made up wiring looms for the CJ ( from the US obvs ) which I think would probably be the best way to go if you wanted to do that. How specific they are to model, year and engine though I don't know. I can't remember the name of the supplier, will see if I can search it out. Best of luck with your CJ5 Cheers Tim
  19. Thanks for your enquiries but these have now been sold.
  20. frosty

    5x New BF Goodrich KM2 Mud Terrain

    that is a very fair price, I am sure they will sell soon, if I hadn't re-geared to 35's, I would buy them !!!!
  21. Bazzaware

    New in Hampshire

    Welcome Konig2e. Any plans for mods to your TJ? AlfredoStuck: I'm in the west of Southampton. Are there any regular meetings in the area?
  22. Nathan_CJ5

    CJ-5 1978 in E15 Stratford

    Thanks for the reply! Once I’ve got the new alternator fitted I’m sure a trip to Romford would be on the cards!!!

    5x New BF Goodrich KM2 Mud Terrain

    What did you replace them with ?
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