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    • Nice to see an XJ being put back on the road.
    • There was a 2.5 diesel and a 2.5 petrol XJs are heading into classic territory so you’vegot a bargain 
    • Hi all I'd like to introduce you to my new toy😁 If you had seen my intro you knew I was considering a Japanese import being sold by a dealer, I bought it.  The consensus was overpriced and I could do better, I had to get rid of another toy [my F150] before having room and dosh for a Wrangler so needed someone up for a part ex. Fortunately the dealer valued my truck much higher than I'd paid for it so I ended up with a good result, just had to then complete a 300 mile round trip to get the deal done. Right Jeep is a 2001 4.0L with 44k miles on it, no history whatsoever being an import and pretty much what you see is what you get! It was one of 10 the dealer imported nearly a year ago, he decided to keep this one for himself and did so for 11 months until deciding to sell it to me. Jeep now comes with a full MOT/service and is my third Jap import [Surf and Pajero]. It was sold to me as having a 7" suspension lift? it isn't, it's a bit on the suspension, a bit on the larger diameter wheels and what looks like 3" on the body, nevertheless I love it, it brings a smile on face every time I see it. Watch the Mrs struggling to climb in, hilarious😀 The Jeep drives better than expected, 150 miles home, 65mph on the motorway and didn't wander, wobble or anything, sweet as a nut and couldn't be happier. Condition is rust free, chassis in most places is smooth shiny black paint, it does have touched up chips and scratches etc on the red bodywork but nothing for a 17 year old. Must say it's also better on fuel than the F150 which did surprise me as the truck was stock, slightly larger engine at 4.2L but dead stock. I was hoping to slot in pictures here and there as I typed this but don't know how to so will bunch them at the bottom with a link to some more as I'll need help from you lot😉 It has a custom steering wheel, really aids getting in [I'm 6'4"] but blocks the gauges out completely! Took the cover off the spare wheel that I got told was the same size, not sure what to say about it really other than it's 2" smaller diameter. Lot's of amplifier type boxes I'm presuming aren't standard, will have to check pic's out on photobucket to see. Dealer has repaired the soft top and stuck the corners at the back down to the bodywork☹️ I open the door windows, what do you do with the flap that now hangs down? it's either outside flapping around violently or inside laying on your shoulder? I pulled dealer on still no fog light?  I was shown a magnetic light he sticks on for MOT🙄 The dealer put the shackles on the rear cross member not me, not there to be used but I wouldn't mind suggestions as to what I could do with the rear, bumper? something heavier? Please have a browse through the pic's both here and on the link, I'd love some advice and input as I've never owned one of these and until actually buying this cannot remember the last time I ever saw one on the road anywhere.   Link for pic's: http://s6.photobucket.com/user/brianjbox/slideshow/Wrangler    
    • Actually thats a funny story that brings me right up to part 2   I always assumed the 2.5 models were diesel. It was running so badly when I collected that I didn't question. I even thought about putting some fuel in while it was on the trailer on the way back (good job I didn't). Yes, its a petrol model. I discovered this when I got home. Its fine. I'm not bothered either way. I'm more bothered that the seller didn't leave me a battery(!) After all his jump starting with a pile of flat batteries, he kept them all. So I borrowed the leisure battery from my camper van just to get off the trailer. Next issue -  I couldn't see out of the windows and unloading was not easy. So first job - 2 hours with a jet wash and dark, almost black, water running down the street. I don't think this has seen a hosepipe for years. Jobs left to do.. Look into the overheating/not overheating thing find a replacement back light* take for an mot   *all these jobs have since been done, so no need to offer me parts ty 😉
    • HI I'm in Durham, nice to see some Jeeps in this area Anyone going up to Kielder this December?
    • Guest Joshua CF
      Thank you so much V! Really appreciate it!!   J.
    • is it petrol or diesel ?
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