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    Was a bit tight in places and nice and open in others
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    Good turnout today and it looks like a total of close to £2k was raised for Mountain Rescue. Hope everyone enjoyed their day out even if it was a bit wet.
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    Term Dates 2019 (South Australia) Term 1 Wednesday 30 January – Friday 12 April Term 2 Tuesday 30 April – Friday 28 June Term 3 Tuesday 23 July – Friday 27 September Term 4 Tuesday 15 October – Tuesday 10 December
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    Hi everyone. Just got my first Jeep (XJ) yesterday, wanted one for years so finally picked one up as a bit of a project/laugh for me and my son.
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    Thanks, Glad you enjoyed yourself. Only one mishap, which was quickly resolved and nobody hurt.
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    Bit of polishing to do I think E0506C32-8B49-48C1-8173-3EDC471FA2E2.mp4
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    Well, so far so good. Went for a round trip of about 40 miles the other day and the steering is nice and responsive. So what, you ask, was the ensuing issue? If one detaches the steering shaft from the steering box the only thing stopping it from spinning round and round endlessly is the electrical connection from the wheel itself to the car. This connects the horn, airbag and, in my case, the cruise control switches to the main loom. It's not the strongest of things, a sort of tape with five strands of wire through it, in a coil inside a sealed unit called the 'clock-spring'. I had a feeling it may have been a little less than good as the cruise control has never worked since I've had the car, the horn can be a bit intermittent and the cruise control switches themselves seemed to be loose/broken. And now the airbag light was on permanently and the horn didn't work at all. So, armed once again with Youtube and Google wisdom (and a heap of caution after last time) I set about getting the clock-spring out to see if I could fix it (being reasonably handy with a soldering iron). It's behind the steering wheel itself (bluddy would be wouldn't it), so that had to come off first. Battery disconnected and the cables touched together to discharge any capacitance in the airbag. Next, two bolts to get the airbag off and this is when I find the cruise switch mounts are broken off, so scan ebay for some replacements which I found for a mere 30 notes. The wheel is held on with just one nut which came off easily. Now, the hard bit is prising the wheel off the splined shaft, so I used a small hub puller. There are two threaded holes in the (aluminium - hmmm) wheel, either side of the shaft, for this very purpose. Puller bolts in and snugged up. Tighten centre bolt. Keep tightening centre bolt, Tighten centre bolt a lot, then Pop! No, the wheel had not come off the shaft, one of the puller bolts had pulled the thread out of one of the two holes. I went for some coffee. After some thought, I used puller claws to grip the wheel instead of the two bolts and tightened up again, ready for the wheel to shatter at any moment. Bang! The wheel came off nicely. Phew! I managed to get the clock-spring unit off without breaking any of the plastic locating tabs and took it into the house for some finer surgical procedures in the warm, with more coffee. The thing is held together with some very small torx screws. Smaller than any torx bit I had, so I used a Dremel to cut some little slots in them so I could use a flat-blade screwdriver. The tape-wire was snapped off at one end. Some delicate trimming, soldering, gluing, insulating and conductivity testing later, it was all back together. Then all I had to do was put the wheel back together. This went very well indeed, even with the time I spent making sure the clock-spring was centred with the steering shaft and road wheels centred too and applying copious amounts of anti-seize compound on the shaft splines, in case I have to do this again some time. Quick test drive, airbag light goes out properly and stays out, moving the wheel lock to lock, all still functioning as it should. Can't test the cruise yet as I took the actual unit out from under the bonnet, as it was redundant, with the little clip that holds the cable to the throttle body being bust too. I'll re-fit it some time over Christmas. So, a simple adjust the pitman arm job became a two/three day expensive bitch-of-a-job (though at least fixing the clock-spring cost me nothing and I may just have cruise control for the first time!)
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    I'm slowly getting a few parts together for my Commander, aswell as knowing he needs to go threw a MOT this month. So looking at brake pads etc. So a shout out to other Commander owners, i found this shop online with a great list of stuff for the Commander. They are called Rocky Road Outfitters and are in the US but seam to have good shipping rates. I'll be ordering from them in the future, one of the only place that i have seen that does a Snorkel for the Commander.
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    Great thanks for the bookmark very useful, wish i just had more time to work on him.
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    Yes it is a shame but like I wrote in the opening post, I was told by two of the main organisers that it's getting worse every year to get the authorisations. The club members are all volunteers, none of them get any financial gain only the pleasure and satisfaction to organise a great Jeep event but they get tired of having to battle every year with the local authorities. Unfortunately it's very politic nowadays and these guys are no "Arse lickers" so what will be will be.
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    Hey guys have a great trip so jealous couldn't make it, have fun get muddy and drive safe. I'm sure we will see some great pics.
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    So is summer camp going to be in South Australia next year then Stewart? Although that would be great it’s not really fair is it? Could we meet half way? South Africa maybe?
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    Hi all just paid up! Now all I need to do is remove the lowering springs etc and put on the winter wheels and tyres.
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    full spec. WRANGLER JK 2 DOOR SAHARA • Preferred builder: Self, and Phil from Kiethley. • Drive Train: AUTO.5 speed with additional in line cooler. • Engine: 2.8 crd with TUNIT power upgrade. now 203 BHP. 332 LBS/FT • Front axle: DANA 44 WITH E- LOCKER 488 RATIO rubicon express hd diff cover/guard internally and externally strengthened. • Rear axle: DANA 44 WITH E- LOCKER 488 RATIO rubicon express hd diff cover/guard • Protection: OR FAB SPORT CAGE.ROCK SLIDERS. ROCK HARD ENGINE SKID PLATE. ROCK HARD TRANSMISSION AND T/BOX SKID PLATE.ROCK HARD FUEL TANK SKID PLATE. STEERING GUARD. • Suspension: 5" LIFT nitrus shockers all round heavy duty and adjustable upper arms heavy duty and adjustable lower arms REAR SHOCKERS RELOCATION BRACKETS FITTED TO LOWER MOUNTS.(MOUNTS RAISED) flat steel fender flares trek top, hard top, bikini top. • Wheels/Tyres: AEV 16" alloys with 35" MICKEY THOMPSON BAJA CLAWS for off road 17" steel wheels with 35" Simex extreme trekker for off road 17" alloy wheels and A/T tyres for normal road • Winches: front superwinch 9500 solenoid moved under bonnett with wireless remote REAR COME UP 9500 FITTED TO OLYMPIC REAR WINCH BUMPER • Miscellaneous: AEV SNORKELL WITH RAM AIR INTAKE,AFTER MARKET BUMPERS FRONT AND BACK WITH RECOVERY POINTS.ALL TRANSMITION BREATHERS RAISED. STEERING DAMPER UPRATED AND MOVED TO RIGHT SIDE OF VEHICLE. LED SPOTS. CB RADIO. Extended and reinforced front and rear brake lines. Power dome hood, and lots of other bits and pieces.
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    Dave at llama4x4 makes them. And for not bad money
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    Hi Stewart, please do put me down for this as well. This will be my first ever Jeep event as well as the first time to get my Renegade dirty. You mentioned some tuition in your post - I'd be very interested in that to help me get started. Looking forward to it. Nils
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    Thanks guys, will definitely come along to the Slindon event, look forward to getting my Jeep dirty and meeting some of you.
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    Hi Everyone, Hope you are well. Well, I went to visit Alex at Buzz a second time now, and the attached pic is what he came up with. Very happy with his work; Alex also sent me a clip as to what he did which is on social media (FB), and I'll try and upload to my You Tube. I live in Bristol and to go to where Alex is at Buzz; worth the drive. "Thoroughly recommend Buzz Special Vehicles"
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    A picture to tempt you from a previous Slindon event Nils.....no time like the present to register your interest on the Slindon post. Horsham Jeep will be in attendance to answer any of your questions about the models, as will numerous members who I am sure will offer to take you out in their Jeeps.....you only have to ask.
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    Come along to Slindon in February! Alex.
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    a few pictures of my Jeep, a few of you will recognize it. :icon_e_biggrin:
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    My first Jeep the JK ultimate unlimited 2.8 CRD. I brought this back in 2010 from Whitehouse Jeep in Tonbridge ! A real bargain we got a deal of 3K off the showroom price of £28.5K We had great fun with this Wrangler ! Was never going to get modified or driven off road! After getting stuck in the Mud on the standard tyres decided tyres were the first upgrade followed by a 2" lift that Stewart fitted for me. Not all the pic's are me driving !! I now have a Renegade Trailhawk great little Jeep but miss the JK! Really hope the pickup version makes it to the UK.
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    Recent addition to my family... Thanks to Mike & Andy at Storm Jeeps for building it. Mods include safari snorkel, AEV bumpers, LED lights - front, rear and fos, powered side steps, AEV 2.5" dual sport suspension lift, AEV rear view camera.

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