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  1. European Jeepers Jamboree 6-10th June 2019 This must be the biggest European Jeep event held bi annually ! Mark this down in your diaries for 2019!! REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE!! www.europeanjeepersjamboree.com with limited spaces General info here http://www.europeanjeepersjamboree.nl/index.html JOC Attendees Jim O
  2. jocadmin

    Slindon Safari 04th February 2018 4x4 Driving

    Slindon Safari 04th February 2018 4x4 Driving with the all new Jeep Compass.
  3. jocadmin

    JOC Summer Camp 2017

    Images from our 2017 Summer Camp Bala Wales.
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  5. Tuff Terrains 18th/19th August 2018 is going to be RESCHEDULED Thanks for the interest, we will fit this into next years schedule. Unfortunately August does not work for everyone. This is arguably the best off-road site in the UK. Bernie Pugh’s Tuff Terrains near Llandrindod Wells, Powys, has long been a favourite venue for many UK off-roaders, and some continental European clubs, too. Located in around 200 acres of remote Welsh countryside, the site has lots of natural and man-made obstacles to challenge even the most experienced drivers and their vehicles. Novices are welcome, but some prior experience is preferred as this site certainly lives up to its name. Bernie is an excellent instructor and always accompanies the group to provide advice and guidance. Help is always at hand. There is a good mix of terrain including rutted tracks, grassy side slopes, dark woods, swamps, shale ledges, steep hills and hidden valleys. Conditions can vary depending on the weather and time of year. In summer, the site is very green and the foliage grows quickly which can make this a scratchy site for some. There is usually plenty of deep, muddy water around so it is advisable to come prepared for being stuck in it. Loppers would be handy if you want to do some pruning. The day usually starts in what some call the ‘Play Area’. This is an area of ground at the edge of a hill that has a number of man-made obstacles where Bernie has the chance to quietly assess drivers and vehicles before moving on to more challenging parts of the site. If necessary, Bernie will split the group into two so that the more experienced can go off ahead with a guide. This enables him to spend more time with those that will benefit from one-to-one instruction. If you have the opportunity to invite Bernie to ride with you to be the lead vehicle, do so. The site has some very challenging terrain and is not really suitable for low-hanging painted plastic bumpers. If you think that pushing your bumper into the ground will damage it then this site is probably not for your vehicle. However, many Grand Cherokees (WG) have visited this site without incurring any appreciable damage. Mud Terrain or All Terrain tyres are strongly recommend. Four wheel drive and low ratio transfer case are essential. There is a tradition on sunny days to try to get to the top of the hill for lunch. There are fantastic views up there and it is nice to spend lunchtime relaxing on the grass so bring a packed lunch with you. There is a petrol station with a shop and cafe at the nearby village of Crossgates if you would rather buy food on the way. Camping is available near the farm house and is considered part of the experience by many. There are a number of local B&Bs, Inns and Hotels in Llandrindod if you prefer more comfort. Nearer the time, attendees should discuss beforehand making a group reservation at a local pub/restaurant for an evening meal as these usually make a good Saturday evening out. If you have a Jeep with lots of modifications, or a winch, but are not really sure of how to use it, let the organisers know either beforehand or on arrival. This will be the day that you find out how. Book either day or both. £40 per day. JOC Team Vince Attendee's [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*]
  6. The hills are alive, or will be for a few days in early July. The Jeep Owners Club has procured special access tickets for our members to attend Jeep Owners Group (JOG) 2018 edition of their Camp Jeep 13-15 July. Please get in touch ASAP if you have any questions or are interested in attending the event in Graz, Austria. If you are interested, select JOC UK members only will get our complimentary passes from the Jeep Owners Club. We will need your reg and number of attendees etc. Hurry, while supplies last! Team JOC
  7. Please see the attached banner for the latest offers from Club Sponsor Horsham Car Centre
  8. Offer expires tomorrow!
  9. jocadmin

    Parkwood 4x4 Sunday 20th May 2018

    thanks :great: limited time now to prebook
  10. Hurry and get 40% from Jeep Out fitter this spring, offer expires Sunday 13th May 2018 https://www.jeep-outfitter.com/en_gb/
  11. jocadmin

    Hawkstone Park March 18th 2018

    The site has just confirmed good to go! As stated on the initial event post, All Terrains at a minimum for Hawkestone. Looking forward to another great event tomorrow.
  12. jocadmin

    Hawkstone Park March 18th 2018

    Hi All, Note from the Team. All systems are go for Sunday! Having said that, we are keeping an eye on the ever changing forecast. We are in contact with Hawkestone and will get an update on Friday and follow their lead given conditions present closer to the time. As some will be travelling from afar on Sunday, we will look to update all attendees on the event status FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Team JOC
  13. Just the owner but all drivers MUST sign in and have a Full UK driving Licence. They can Also drive the Jeep demonstrators the New Compass and The Renegade Trailhawk!
  14. jocadmin

    Winch Recovery

    We have Split the topic into a new post !
  15. 10 safety Tips Green laning & off roading is one of the more exciting hobbies you can experience. Going off road opens your eyes to places you would not otherwise see. It also challenges you, as the terrain is far different from what you are accustomed to driving on. And you can find yourself in a remote and very hostile environment in just a few hours. Follow these very important Tips for a safer and more enjoyable ride. 1, Let someone know where you will be and when you expect to return. This applies to all trips, not just those in challenging areas. People have been known to get stuck or lost in relatively easy terrain. Should something happen and you're unable to leave the area or call for help, your friends or family will know the area you are in. 2. Always have at least one other vehicle along. This ensures that you will have transportation out in the event your vehicle becomes stuck or damaged and can't be fixed there. Plus, the extra vehicle means additional manpower to help with problems. 3. Pack the proper gear. Even a Sunday drive can turn sour. Pack the proper gear incase you get stuck, also pack first a first aid box to handle medical emergencies that may occur. 4. Tie everything down inside. Your gear will go flying around if you roll over or lay the vehicle on its side. Loose items become missiles which can injure and kill anyone inside. 5. Everyone wears a seatbelt, just like when you drive on paved roads. You and your passengers will get jostled around quite a bit on many of the trails. Plus, the possibility for a rollover or crash exists at any time. The big rock you suddenly hit could cause you or your passengers to go flying out a window. Make sure everyone is belted in. 6. Arms and legs must remain inside. Many trails run through narrow passageways. Any arms or legs hanging outside can get torn off by the trees, cliff walls, or rocks just outside your vehicle. If the vehicle begins to tip your instinct is to put your hand out. There is no way you will be able to stop a vehicle this way. Roll your windows up if you can't control the urge. Also, make sure no one holds onto the roll bar. Their fingers will get smashed in the event of a roll over. Hands can also be injured if you drive under low-hanging branches. 7. Quit if you become tired. Off-roading requires the utmost concen-tration. Any letdown can lead to an accident and perhaps death. If you feel fatigued at all, pull over and rest, or let someone else drive. Do not force it. 8. Lock it down. When driving off-road, you are seldom on level ground. Make sure your vehicle will not roll away from you. When you stop, put the vehicle in park, apply the parking brake, and turn off the engine. 9. Do not hang on a vehicle. If the vehicle gets stuck in a precarious position, do not try to pull it down or otherwise tip it by hand. And absolutely do not climb on the vehicle. Use the proper tools and techniques, and always be a safe distance away. A vehicle can and will crush you if given the chance. 10. Treat winches and high-lift straps with respect. The straps, clevises, and other pieces are under extreme tension when in use. Inspect all parts before using, and stand clear while you are trying to recover a vehicle. A failure in gear or rigging can be lethal to you and by standers.

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