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  1. Hi Ken sure wish I could be there going to miss Slindon!
  2. Also there will be Jeep Demonstrators available to drive OFF ROAD!! SO get a real test drive!
  3. stewart

    Summer Camp 2019

    On a serious note I plan to get back over for the JOC Summer Camp ! So we would really appreciate feedback for early planning of the event. (I'm currently back in the UK until mid December)
  4. stewart

    Summer Camp 2019

    That would be nice but would need to be in January!
  5. Gutted I'm going to miss this again! Had planned to go last time unfortunately I had a family bereavement ! If you haven't been I would strongly recommend you go and enjoy a great time with the other Jeepers across Europe!
  6. stewart

    Summer Camp 2019

    Term Dates 2019 (South Australia) Term 1 Wednesday 30 January – Friday 12 April Term 2 Tuesday 30 April – Friday 28 June Term 3 Tuesday 23 July – Friday 27 September Term 4 Tuesday 15 October – Tuesday 10 December
  7. stewart

    Snow Chains / Winter tyres

    Just to add I have a set of 4!
  8. Quick update ! Only 2 places left on this trip!!
  9. stewart

    Hello from Australia

    As far as i can find out the Australian JK's are all the same as UK builds with the exception of the Speedo cluster ! Looking to do the opposite and I believe so far nothing should need changing on a stock JK as speed has dual readout MPH and KMPH !
  10. Hi Marcus We will have the price confirmed shortly !
  11. stewart

    Hi from a newbie.

    2011 Jeep Changed the injection System made it slightly quieter and improvement on power from 177-200bhp but also reduced the towing capacity down from 3.5 tonne on the 4dr for a braked trailer to just 1 tonne !
  12. stewart

    Hi from a newbie.

    Paris and a whole host of Cities need Air Quality Certificate! The petrol come out better than the Diesel !
  13. stewart

    The Black Pearl

    Good idea ! Feel free to get one started !
  14. stewart

    Hi from a newbie.

    Hi Mike I have had both the 2.8CRD 200bhp and the 3.6v6 285 bhp And would go the V6 every time more power and more refined. Also I noted while in London they now have higher parking charges for diesel than petrols! MPG wise in stock form our 3.6 averages around town 19-20mpg on long runs about 25mpg. When we had the diesel we averaged 22-27mpg !
  15. stewart

    Slindon Safari 4x4 Driving

    Slindon Safari 03rd February 2019 Slindon Safari Sunday 03rd February 2019 4x4 Driving (Driver tuition available and included Free of charge) The Club will be hiring the site exclusively for Jeep Owners Club Members. Arrive 9:30 for 10:00 briefing Muddiest Jeep by lunch time contest We hire the site exclusively for Jeep Owners Club Members and use our club insurance to cover this event which requires all those attending to be members. Sorry no other makes of vehicles will be permitted to attend the event and use the facilities. Only Jeeps.

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