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  1. Please post all event writeups and photos here - Thanks
  2. Jim

    Thetford Forest Recce

    Hopefully you'll be able to make the trip when we its a full JoC event. Date yet to be decided.
  3. Jim

    Wrangler YJ Parts Wanted

    Looks like one of Jules's off roading expeditions.
  4. Jim

    North West newbie

    Hi and welcome to the club. Glad you have finally got yourself an XJ and judging by the photo of your front drive, I cant tell whether your BMW, Mustang or XJ would be fastest in a 0-60...............................................off road. Nice collection of cars btw and I somehow have this feeling that you have something special tucked away in your garage?.
  5. Jim


    Mechanically wise, isn't the Commander based on the WK Grand Cherokee?
  6. Jim

    Thetford Forest Recce

    Aiming for Sunday 6th January so please do let us know if you can make it.
  7. Jim

    Thetford Forest Recce

    Hi Tim, yes you are most welcome. I'll PM you some details
  8. Jim

    Newb from Lincoln

    Very nice looking GC. Just how did you go about increasing the HP and Nm and I'd be interested to know how you compare your GC to the Disco. And welcome to the club

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