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  1. Jim

    CJ-5 1978 in E15 Stratford

    Hi Nath Welcome to the club. Not far away from you in Romford, but I don't have or know much about CJ's although there are a lot of CJ owners on here.
  2. Jim

    5x New BF Goodrich KM2 Mud Terrain

    Hi Grant PM and text sent
  3. Jim

    Photo of the day

    Saw this on a website about the unfortunate decline of Detroit.
  4. Now I was going to post this in the correct section for my WJ but then I thought should this question covers all Jeep models. Who makes the best brake pads? Is there a brand better than the rest who provide pads for all makes of Jeeps? Have you a preference on the make of pads that you buy and if so why? Is there anything wrong with budge priced pads? How about the environment as I believe brake pad dust contributes to the pollution levels? Are there pads that are more environmentally friendly than others? Cheers Jim
  5. Thanks to all those who attended yesterday for which was a record breaking attendance for a Jeep Owners Club event. Our next event is in April at Whitcliff Quarry which is another great site and very similar to Slindon. Hope to see some of you there.
  6. Hi Bob Hope your father is ok. Added you to the list
  7. Please post any pictures, videos and writeups here Thanks to all those in attendance and we hope you had a great day
  8. Slindon Safari Sunday 03rd February 2019 4x4 Driving New to Jeep? New to driving your Jeep Offroad? Driver tuition available and included at no additional charge! TEST DRIVE THE NEW JL RUBICON IN ITS NATURAL HABITAT! WE'VE ADDED THE NEW RENEGADE AND NEW COMPASS TOO! The Club will be hiring the site exclusively for Jeep Owners Club Members. You must be registered as a member on this forum 9:30am arrive and check in 10:00am briefing 10:15 4x4 Tuition with Sophie 10:15 Signup for test drives 12:15 Lunch Break 12:30 Muddiest Jeep Judging 13:15 Recovery Gear discussion led by Sophie 16:00 Site Closes Caterer onsite with Tea, Coffee, Burgers, Baps available to purchase. We hire the site exclusively for Jeep Owners Club Members and use our club insurance to cover this event which requires all those attending to be members. Sorry no other makes of vehicles will be permitted to attend the event and use the facilities. Only Jeeps. Video from 2016 Directions Slindon Safari 4x4 Driving Centre Situated on north side of A27 between Arundel and Fontwell West Sussex Nearly opposite Stakis Hotel turning Shellbridge Road Arundel BN18 0NB, UK 50.860468, -0.619861 Important Information Pets are allowed to be brought if you would like. If you let them out of the vehicle they must be on a lead / restrained at all times. Any mess they leave must be cleared up, and removed from the site for disposal. NO EXCEPTIONS. These are requests from the site owners. Failure to adhere to this polite request will result in you being ejected from the site immediately. LPG vehicles are permitted to use the site. Any tanks that are mounted externally must be protected from being damaged and potential leakage. Failure to comply will result in the vehicle not being able to go off roading at the site. Any internally mounted tank must be secure at all times. This is a condition of LPG vehicles using the site by the owners A chemical Portaloo is on site. I am assured it will be clean. If not please inform one of us immediately ANY complaints that you may have during the day we would kindly ask that you tell us while at the event so that they can be dealt with. Road Legal Jeeps please, if you bring a Jeep on a trailer please bring proof of insurance and an MOT certificate if required for the Jeep. It will be at the discretion of the Jeep Owners Club whether or not the allow Jeeps arriving on trailers to be used at events. PREPAYMENT HAS NOW ENDED. PAY ON THE GATE, MEMBERS ONLY Slindon Safari 4x4 site access day ticket Jeep Owners Club Members £35.00 per Jeep via online payment. £40 pay at Gate. CASH ONLY. Non Members must pre register and join the Club. LATEST PAYMENT VIA ONLINE FOR ADVANCE PURCHASE AT DISCOUNTED £35.00 is 31st January, 2300hrs. CB Channel ; 5 (UK) See previous photo's here https://www.jeepowners.club/forum/index.php?action=media;sa=album;in=64
  9. Jim

    Just joined

    Hi Cameron Welcome to the club and let us know how you get on with your new TJ
  10. Cars are driven along a snow and slush covered road near Chievely in Berkshire this afternoon https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6656491/Apocalypse-SNOW-hits-UK.html
  11. Saw this on the Daily Mail website

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