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  1. Following our recent meeting at Brands Hatch with Motor Sport Vision (MSV), the organisation responsible for the American Speedfest, I am extremely pleased to announce the following for the 2019 event. The Jeep Owners Club have been approached, and we have accepted, to offer a Jeep 4x4 off-road experience to the American Speedfest visitors. This will be on a specially designed off-road course by the Jeep Owners Club and MSV. It will be a pay on the day activity for the visitors, with all the proceeds going to the Kent Air Ambulance. At American Speedfest 2018 thanks to the hard work of our volunteers the Jeep Owners Club were extremely proud to have raised in excess of £2500 from the off road experience. Can we do better in 2019? To enable us to offer the American Speedfest visitors an experience off-roading in the world renown iconic Jeep 4x4, at a specially designed off-road course on the grounds of the Brands Hatch circuit, we will be asking for club member volunteers nearer the time to offer themselves and their Jeep for a whole day, or two days. Requirements; We will initially require six members and their Jeeps in total, but not restricted too this number. (All Jeeps must be road legal) Preferably but not limited to 4dr models. We aim to maximise the number of seats available for the charity rides and provide ease of getting the participants in and out. If you volunteered and worked the event last year you will understand why this is the preferred setup. Mud Terrian Tyres as a minimum prerequisite based upon last years course design and conditions. Need to be available for the duration of the whole day at the off road venue. Vehicle movements are severely restricted during the event opening hours and briefing will only take place prior to the start of each day. ***********In return for volunteering your support we are able to offer********** Free weekend pass for you(driver) and your Jeep. All other occupants will need to pay an appropriate entry fee into the circuit. ”Top Up Your Fuel Tank”, whether it be Petrol or Diesel, at the end of the off-roading day. Kindly provided at the circuit by MSV.
  2. Two greats icons, one aim. Enjoy the spirit of life. Some of you may already know that there is a significant connection between these two ICONIC brands throughout mainland Europe. Both brands intertwined at various events, shows, and rallies. So; How many of you members have both of these prestigious brands I wonder? Or how many own a Jeep, yet are interested in the Harley Davidson brand as well as Jeep? At this moment in time I am just wanting to gauge interest to see if any members would like to meet up with either their Jeep or their Harley at a Harley dealership sometime in 2019. Could even be arranged more than just the once.......... The meet could be just for a gathering and a chat.......... Could be for a chat and then a drive & ride out.......... The choice is completely down to you.....the members. Jeep or Harley.....does not matter which you bring along. THIS IS CURRENTLY ONLY AN IDEA. All I need to know at the moment is where your preferred Harley Davidson Dealer is located if you would like a meet to be arranged. It does not need to be your nearest. Thanks, Jules Please let me know the following; Name- County - Harley Davidson Dealership Jules - Kent - Maidstone Harley
  3. Jules

    Matt's JK

    Good build options Matt. Pulled together nicely by the Team at Buzz. Out of curiosity what do you plan to use the two brackets attached to the rear window upper hinges?
  4. Jules

    same jeep, new color

    Excellent work and modifications as always Martin. Have known this Jeep from day one, almost, and seen how it has progressed over the years. Well done. Jules
  5. Added to the list Nils. Look forward to meeting you and your Renegade at Slindon. Jules
  6. Jules

    Newbie from London

    A picture to tempt you from a previous Slindon event Nils.....no time like the present to register your interest on the Slindon post. Horsham Jeep will be in attendance to answer any of your questions about the models, as will numerous members who I am sure will offer to take you out in their Jeeps.....you only have to ask.
  7. Jules

    Snow Chains / Winter tyres

    It’s the time of year when over the next few months some venture out in their Jeeps, to find the ski slopes, visit family and friends on snow covered roads, or just travelling out and about. Whether in the UK or mainland Europe. Majority of European countries have regulations for winter driving. Don’t be caught out should you travel abroad. Check the requirements of each country concerned regarding winter vehicle usage and items to be carried onboard. There has been some useful advice posted previously here by those who have experienced snow covered roads. Several members have purchased snow chains successfully, including myself, from https://www.snowchains.com/. 01732 360638 Talk to them about your requirements, and they will inform you of their recommendations. Pictures courtesy of Stewart and his JKUR 37” tyres.
  8. Jules

    Few JK update photos

    Progress report?
  9. This is one of our clubs most popular events. More than 50 Jeeps have been known to attend. Suitable for any Jeep, any owner, any ability.
  10. Jules

    Few JK update photos

    Cunning plan Chris. The sum for the total parts is worth more than the sum for the complete Jeep? Paul is dismantling it for you? When you posting the parts in the “For Sale” section? Once all the parts are sold, Green Meanie 2.0 will appear as a JLUR ?
  11. Jules

    Newbie from London

    Welcome Nils, When looking to change your Jeep give Horsham Car Centre a call. Ask for Dean and mention our Club.They are a brilliant Jeep dealer Really worth giving them a call to discuss your requirements and travelling down to see them. Numerous club members, including me, use them. To experience Jeeps Off-road? Easy.........come and join us all at Slindon in February. Horsham Car Centre will be in attendance too Slindon is suitable for any Jeep........any owner...........any ability. See you soon? Jules
  12. Jeep Owners Club Stand at the 2018 American Speedfest, Brands Hatch, Kent. Put the date in your diary for the 2019 event. It will once again no doubt be a fantastic weekend.....no matter how you want to participate.
  13. Jules

    WJ Steel Bumper Lights

    Give one of our Club sponsors,, Alex at Buzz Special Vehicles, a call to discuss your lighting requirements. He will be able to advise and supply. Tel. 01992 479090 Website. https://www.buzzspecialvehicles.co.uk/ Email. Info@buzzspecialvehicles.co.uk Jules
  14. Jules

    American Speedfest 2019

    American Speedfest 2019

Important Information