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  1. Another great day,thanks for all the work in organising the events.
  2. Tony

    Hello from London

    Hi Raakhee,I’m local to you in ashford.
  3. Just got back from Philadelphia and I want a JL badly Last one belongs to a redneck I think!
  4. Tony


    Merry Christmas to you all,may you get lots of mud in 2019.
  5. My 2014 jk 2.8 diesel is subject to charges,no surprise !!!
  6. Any idea on dates/venue for summer camp.
  7. Tony

    First Jeep

    My first jeep.
  8. Tony

    Jeep leak again....

    Ted have you tried putting silicon on the seals,worked on my jk after trying every thing else, Not had a leak for the past year.
  9. Tony

    Jeep Music

    I think my jk runs better with the eagles playing
  10. Tony

    Surrey hills

    Didn’t know this event was on but add me to the list please.
  11. Hi,could you add me to the slindon list please.
  12. Tony

    How to ruin a JK...horrific

    Looks like a drug dealers ride!!!
  13. Tony

    Why don't we start with "Hi, I'm Buffy"

    Welcome Buffy...........sorry Kerri.

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