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  1. Tony

    Surrey hills

    Didn’t know this event was on but add me to the list please.
  2. Hi,could you add me to the slindon list please.
  3. Tony

    Why don't we start with "Hi, I'm Buffy"

    Welcome Buffy...........sorry Kerri.
  4. Tony

    Matt's JK

    Well said sir.
  5. Tony

    events 2018

    Is slab common still about,was/is a nice little site.
  6. Tony

    Jeep Wave

    Saw a Willy’s jeep in Staines Surrey the other week and got a wave,but seen lots of jk’s and nothing!!!
  7. Tony

    Saying hello

    Hi Steve welcome
  8. That’s one nice looking xj Steve, I’ve had a few xj’s over the years and have a soft spot for them.
  9. Think a big thanks should go out to Stewart , Jim and anyone else that helped on the summer camp,very enjoyable weekend. seems like I learn something new (thanks Alex) each time I attend a meeting,anyway thanks again.
  10. I’m happy with that Neal,perhaps we could get together at summer camp and come up with a date in August.
  11. Probably best to just pick a date and see what happens,not going to please everyone,if anybody can suggest a nice watering hole that is around the Staines,Windsor,Bracknell area would be good. just picking a date how about 19th July or if that’s to soon after summer camp.
  12. Just wanted to know if there’s any interest in a pub meet in the above area,maybe some time in July/August.

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