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  1. tedthefed


    Also merry Xmas to all , hope the jeeps have had plenty of goodies from Santa, off work at 4 so will have food then . Last christmas to work .
  2. tedthefed

    Jeep leak again....

    Will have a go with that first when it stops raining
  3. tedthefed

    Jeep leak again....

    Mine started to leak again on the passengers side with all the heaven rain last week , will dry it out as on restdays and put another strip of draft excluder along the a pillar .
  4. tedthefed

    Carved up the afternoon

    Awesome magic
  5. tedthefed

    Trig point

    Stew looks like it’s been painted since last time I was up there
  6. tedthefed

    events 2018

    As vince says a very good site , will be there
  7. The JKUR is the jalopy 12 if I recall as lost track of how meny I’ve had .The silver XJ with the bubba sills on sold last year not sure where it is now as it was passed on again. If I take retirement next year will try and convince the wife I need a project so may look for a tidy XJ (if any around) or a TJ or YJ to sort and keep the JKUR as standard. The first in 1996 was a Cherokee XJ 2.5 petrol in black and cost £17450.00 but could fun .
  8. Saw that price in auto express yesterday a bit steep it must be really super compared to the JKUR. Have a jag for that then get an older jeep to play in again.
  9. tedthefed

    Time to Swop Renegade

    Daughters Renegade is coming up for swopping in Sept this year , I know its only July but received letter from jeep financial . Also a letter just before from FCA also stating a new charge of £139.00 for collection of vehicle bit odd as it will be via the dealer possibly, cant recall that being mentioned before so will check paperwork. Biggest problem at the moment is no vehicles to source or any decent offers as been told its worth a lot less than the final payment (GFV). checked on systems and they are not far wrong. Its down for 24K in 3 years and done 16500 at the moment . Would be worth finding the auction site and go and put a bid in for it as it looks like a couple of grand less. So its a looking game to find another vehicle again. (may not be jeep as non around)
  10. tedthefed

    Police Renegade on News

    It’s way back when I thought it was Wiltshire had the 4 litre Cherokee XJ . But lost the post years ago on a bygone club.
  11. tedthefed

    American Speedfest 2018 June 9-10th

    Have a good weekend sadly not able to have leave , so at work all weekend . Enjoy
  12. tedthefed

    trail rated badges

    Wish I still had mine as well
  13. tedthefed

    Quest Channel Fri 010618

    Just bored of no good stuff on TV tonight so switched to QUEST channel . Programme "Wheels That Fail" and noticed Seven Sisters waterfall believe it was from 2012. Wrangler JKU going up the waterfall.
  14. tedthefed

    Still leaking.....

    Mines booked in for April re the seals . But also in the dealers for engine problems so got a ford Kuga St line from rental till all sorted sounds a big job after speaking with the technition . Will wait and see don’t seem I have any luck with wranglers . Oh well it’s a jeep JUST EVERY ESENTIAL PART if they work .
  15. tedthefed

    New member in North Derbyshire

    welcome , more from Derbyshire area.

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