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  1. tedthefed

    events 2018

    As vince says a very good site , will be there
  2. tedthefed

    American Speedfest 2018 June 9-10th

    Have a good weekend sadly not able to have leave , so at work all weekend . Enjoy
  3. tedthefed

    New member in North Derbyshire

    welcome , more from Derbyshire area.
  4. Interested depending on date as weekend and shifts working
  5. tedthefed


    Hello glen , you could also try Andy at storm jeep (jeepey.com) over in Hull.
  6. tedthefed

    JL Tidbits

    Been following the JL forum and it looks ok wait to see it in the flesh
  7. tedthefed

    Re:jk fuel mpg

    I know an old thread but just driven up to Tong for event and the JKUR has excedided it self again 26.6 to the gallon . Motorway was on 50 and 60 on average cams so just took it easy . Best I've had yet
  8. tedthefed

    American Speedfest 2017 June 10-11th

    Sadly at work all weekend so have fun.
  9. Id really like to attend but leave not approved so have to work......a
  10. tedthefed

    Re:jk fuel mpg

    I prefer the purr of the petrol, sod the consumption..... its only money.
  11. tedthefed

    Re:jk fuel mpg

    Return trip to Seven Sisters across country 24.4 mpg on the Rubicon not much less than the diesel last year.
  12. tedthefed

    Summer Camp 2016 Photo's and comments

    Just to say a big thank you for all the money you spent on Raffle , Tombola and the Auction, Also had a great weekend.
  13. Car loaded plenty of Tombola, Raffle and Auction items , picking a couple more up on way down.
  14. tedthefed

    Re:jk fuel mpg

    Did 356 miles the other weekend average 24.7 . Now got 1500 on my JKUR . Round town its 22 . Very Happy with that.
  15. tedthefed

    First 4X4

    welcome as well..

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