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  1. Included in the ticket is camping. Good campground — it is also the registration pony and daily staging point for the driving activities — with showers, restaurant, lake. Plethora of hotels and B&B’s within striking distance.
  2. You can contact them directly. They can answer your questions. Email or Facebook.
  3. 22e European Jeepers Jamboree ENGELS -version 2018-12-03.pdf
  4. Please see the event post for the registration link
  5. TIME TO BOOK! SAME CAMPSITE AS LAST TIME. www.europeanjeepersjamboree.com
  6. Volant165

    wanted, JK front half doors.

    The Mopar ones cost as much as a ZJ once painted and with the additional hardware call the breakers and see if any written off ones and cut/weld.
  7. Volant165

    North West newbie

    From a fellow horsepower and off-roader CO2 loving enthusiast, welcome to the club!
  8. There will be a main campsite where most Jeepers stay and usually a pretty good site with showers, food, drinks available. It’s also the staging point for each of the three days of driving.
  9. Volant165

    Newb from Lincoln

    Hi Andrew and welcome to the club! Nice Grand
  10. Please remember your documents for registration as listed on your confirmation email from Kielder "driving licence for all drivers, certificate of insurance, MOT certificate if applicable" Also allow yourself enough time to get there for registration and or brekkie. Fuel up. Bring a CB if you have one, we can chat on channel 5 during the day. Looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday morning!
  11. Volant165

    Newbie to the owners club

    Welcome to the club!
  12. Heads up, booking will open in two weeks. Historically U.K. attendees were allowed to pay upon arrival. Due to a large number of no-shows at the last EJJ which resulted in the event not being able to accommodate those on the waiting list you will need to pay in advance when the details are announced. It is a great event and occurs at the same time as the 75th Anniversary of th D-Day invasion, maybe we take in both????
  13. Volant165

    Summer Camp 2019

    Me too that’s why I have to ask
  14. Volant165

    Summer Camp 2019

    Hi All, Please can you post when your particular school holiday starts in Summer 2019? We always aim to hold the JOC Summer Camp after the schools let out as best we can. Jim

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