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    Previously 1997 XJ .1979 CJ7,1975 CJ5.

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  1. Roddaz

    cj7 restoration

    Always like to see the CJ's getting sorted !! I had 2 back in the day (early 90's) . A 1979 CJ7 Renegade and a 1975 CJ5 Levi,s edition. The CJ7 came up for sale again a couple of years ago in Sterling Scotland, But I missed the repurchase by a couple of days !! Anyone Know anything about it ? Last photo I saw it was white , Grey then green when I had it LJX338T.
  2. Yes looking forwasd to it .I did it 2 years ago as a passenger with Andy from Jeepey and his dad. It was a great day I think we had 4 seasons in a day ending with heavy snow.
  3. Hi all just paid up! Now all I need to do is remove the lowering springs etc and put on the winter wheels and tyres.
  4. It will definitely be cold we have had snow all day in Newcastle. So there should be plenty around Kielder, On Saturday . Hope you all have a great day out I cant make it due to work commitments !!
  5. I will be camping so will need a little space for a small tent. Does anyone take a bbq for the late night supper on the sat night after the entertainment?
  6. Hi have been around Jeeps for years now !! Keep coming back to them again and again !! Built Streetrods,Muscle cars,Jeeps,Boats but keep coming back to Jeeps. 1979 CJ7,1975 CJ5, 1997 XJ and now 2007 WK Limited. Now looking for another CJ.
  7. Hoping to get down for this one sat and sunday ! Do i have to pre enter with the roadrunners club?
  8. Roddaz

    Anyone from North east ?

    Hi I am from Newcastle.

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