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  1. Please read the attached appeal...GLASS Bulletin Jacob’s Ladder Appeal v2.pdf
  2. Patrick


  3. Patrick

    GLASS - Wolverns Lane Appeal

    Update from Stuart :
  4. Patrick

    GLASS - Wolverns Lane Appeal

    Stuart sent this earlier today...
  5. Patrick

    GLASS - Wolverns Lane Appeal

    Stuart posted this just now. ....
  6. GLASS Surrey - Stuart Boreham gave permission to repost his email here. Hi all, Hope you are well and enjoying the ‘summer’. Something important has come up. Next week I have a meeting with Surrey CC and the Land Owner about the state of Wolvern’s Lane and the damage that is being done there. It runs from the A24 at Wooton to Coldharbour near Leith Hill and as many of you would have read in my recent magazine article is being trashed in a number of places by wilful off-piste damage. Its quite bad and although a few month ago Surrey were not minded to TRO it and shut the lane they may feel differently now the issue has become that much more severe over the winter. Amongst other things, many bollards need to be installed along the edge of the lane and I would like to be able to offer them something concrete in terms of assistance. If you would be willing to take part in a working party at some stage to dig some holes and put in some poles and even chip in some money if it comes to that, could you let me know below? If you have any specialist skills or equipment that will be great to know as well. I’d like to be able to go to the meeting and tell them how many people are really up for helping and how frustrated the 4x4 community is by the action of the criminal few. It’s one of the oldest and most well-known lanes in Surrey and at the moment it is verging on the impassable due to damage. Unless we can at least offer a positive solution we all know where this will end. Thanks guys S Stuart Boreham 07976 445772. www.BorehamMedia.co.uk
  7. Patrick

    Still leaking.....

    Fingers crossed then!
  8. Patrick

    Still leaking.....

    My neighbour had a leaking soft top on her Vauxhall’s convertible soft top. She tried to get it fixed, but had no luck for 2 years! She borrowed this product and it worked for her! So I really hope it works for you Tony. Only caveat is to be careful when taking off the panels...try not to get grease everywhere. I did...but it does clean up ok
  9. Patrick

    Still leaking.....

    I used some silicon gel. just rubbed a small amount completely around the edges of the freedom tops and never had a leak since....back in 2014! this was what I used: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0064YMBYE/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. That’s Andy at S t o r m. J e e p tel:01482 666 491
  11. Patrick

    Grandad and grandson

  12. Thanks for sharing the photos :coolphotos:
  13. Patrick


    You’re correct. It isn’t there any more. TBH I find it easier use to use a bookmark on my safari
  14. Patrick

    Snow Chains / Winter tyres

    Those chains look mean :great: Did you put them on just the front wheels or all 4?
  15. Patrick

    New Year

    Happy New Year :wav1

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