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  1. Please read the attached appeal...GLASS Bulletin Jacob’s Ladder Appeal v2.pdf
  2. Thanks for sharing the photos :coolphotos:
  3. Patrick

    Snow Chains / Winter tyres

    Those chains look mean :great: Did you put them on just the front wheels or all 4?
  4. Patrick

    Snow Chains / Winter tyres

    Y niece regularly drives a Mercedes sport to her chalet at Flaine in the French Alps :scratch:. She has winter tyres and has never had any issues in snow. Winter tyres :great:
  5. Missed it 2017, so I’d really like to make it in ‘18
  6. Park 20’ in front of your garage door at night with dipped beams. If they shine left, and don’t cut off horizontally at about 3’ ,like xenons do , then you’ll need to blank off that part of the beam or you’ll blind on-coming drivers. As said, you’ll possibly get away with it.....I did too in Spain.....but remember they do give on-the-spot fines
  7. Patrick

    2018 Chambon Sur Jeep

    sounds great
  8. Patrick

    New Owne

    Welcome Bry :wav1
  9. Patrick

    JL Tidbits

    pdfs Here are the 2018 JL/JLU Wrangler Owner's Manual and User Guide discovered on a public FCA website! Most of the features have already been covered in our info compilation thread but it's helpful to read about them in even more detail: NOTE the orange jeep pictured is NOT a likeness - I read its been photoshopped 2018-Jeep-Wrangler-JL-JLU-User-Guide.pdf 2018-Jeep-Wrangler-JL-JLU-Owners-Manual.pdf
  10. Patrick

    Matt's JK

    x2 :great:
  11. Patrick

    Dashboard support

    Cartronics at Brooklands. They’re very good usually. I’ve used them several times Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Patrick

    Dashboard support

    Thanks Neal. I spoke with the installers, but they did the work back in May and no longer have the parts. I’m visiting Yorkshire later in the year, so I’ll probably pop in to Andy Bonner’s shop in Hull and see what he has laying around. Thanks for the picture Neal Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Patrick

    Dashboard support

    I found this on YouTube... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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