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  1. Sorry can’t make this one now, please remove me from reserves list. Have a great day guys. :wav1
  2. Hi Stewart please put me on list for this one, should I donate now or wait for a space if anyone cancels. :wav1
  3. Hi guys what CB channel we using Sunday. :wav1
  4. Hi Stewart done the donation put me down for Sunday please. :wav1
  5. Snowman

    Nene overland waxoyl

    Hi guys finally had my underbody waxoyl done it was a raffle prize I got at the summer camp 2 yrs ago at yarwell Peterborough. It took this long as I have regeared to 4.10 and fitted a high pinion front axle out of a xj plus other stuff underneath and I wanted to get that all done before waxoyling. Very nice helpful people at Nene Overland :wav1
  6. £20 donated for me (Snowman) and Kev (fruitbat) hopefully put us in the same group Jules. Thanks Rex. :wav1
  7. Just tried again clicked Donate button message server not responding? :wav1
  8. Cheers Jules tried to confirm but server couldn't find page no idea what that ment but yes I will pay for me and Kev by PayPal just let me know how please Thanks Rex
  9. Sorry if I'm repeating a text but can you add kev (fruit bat) as well he is having trouble getting on the site we would like to do the Sunday only and put us in the same group if poss cheers. :wav1
  10. Snowman

    KJ side mirror repair

    Bought some new gears for the side mirrors for the wife's KJ, today I fitted the passenger side easy enough job although a bit fiddly. Needed to cut the old stripped gear from the tiny electric motor so as to fit the new gears all went well but after refitting still wouldn't work so will be stripping it out again still I know how it all comes apart now. Happy days :wav1
  11. Regearing the Wrangler next week, if everything stays together we'll be there. :wav1

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