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  1. howardhanson


    Can we join in with the display
  2. howardhanson

    Slindon Safari 25th February 2017

    Payed up but my name has not appeard on the list?
  3. howardhanson

    Slindon Safari 25th February 2017

    Doesnt matter managed it.....that was easy. Not
  4. howardhanson

    Slindon Safari 25th February 2017

    Can someone help me out with the payment for this. It wont let me pay?
  5. howardhanson

    Slindon Safari 25th February 2017

    Youre not on your own the website doesn't want my cash either hopefully i wont get charged 40 quid on the day.
  6. Really enjoyed the day on Saturday thankyou for letting us be a part of the show. Hopefully next year we can have a drive about like the landys did only not in the sea.
  7. howardhanson

    Marks stolen jeep

    Keep an eye out for marks jeep stolen today
  8. Had to leave a bit early cos the jeep developed some interesting noises. Luckily nothing that a quick blast down the a27 couldn't fix. Had a great day it would be nice to arrange another for the dryer months.
  9. Anybody need the closest jet wash just ask im from the area glad to help
  10. howardhanson

    slindon safari

    Looks like a no then
  11. howardhanson

    slindon safari

    Anybody fancy slindon safari on 22 november?

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