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  1. Wildjeeper62

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Hi Phil, Le Pre Bas is a Camp site with either Mobile homes or Chalets. It is along the lake in the village of Chambon so it's walking distance from the starting point of the event. Paul stays at the Hotel Bellevue which is on the door step of the event itself (Lazy ! Lol). Me I've been renting every year a little apartment from the same people since 2013. It's also along the lake not far from your Camp site. If you are genuinely interested in going to Chambon I can ask the Landlord how much they charge for the appartment on 1st floor if you like. And if you bring friends it could be cheaper than the Chalets as the apartments have both 2 double bedrooms. You would have a proper bed with central heating, a real fully fitted kitchen and a proper bathroom. I don't know how comfortable the Chalets of the Camp site are but I can tell you that Chambon is in the mountains and the weather is very unpredictable. It can be 20 degrees C at 10am and Minus 4C at 3pm the same day. You can ask Paul I am not telling you stories. I enclose 2 pictures from the JeepAOC Club to give you an idea. Chris
  2. Wildjeeper62

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Hi Phil, I can tell you that the Camping Le Pre Bas has nothing to do with the organisation of the “Chambon sur Jeep” event. The club who organises the Jeep event is called JeepAOC and they will publish the new online booking form in the New Year, usually from end of January / mid February onwards. Le Pre Bas is your accommodation only not the booking for the Jeep event. Cheers Chris
  3. Wildjeeper62

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Yes it is a shame but like I wrote in the opening post, I was told by two of the main organisers that it's getting worse every year to get the authorisations. The club members are all volunteers, none of them get any financial gain only the pleasure and satisfaction to organise a great Jeep event but they get tired of having to battle every year with the local authorities. Unfortunately it's very politic nowadays and these guys are no "Arse lickers" so what will be will be.
  4. Wildjeeper62

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Hi Paul, How long are you staying there for? Will you be there a couple of days before? I think we will be doing the journey on Wednesday 24th and stay there for 5 nights altogether.
  5. Wildjeeper62

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    HI Everybody, Just a quick word to let you know that the dates of the new Chambon sur Jeep will be the Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of April 2019. It used to be a 3 Days event but I've heard that the local Do-Gooders have put pressure on the Regional Administration/ Local District Coucil to get this event reduce to 2 Days. It is a shame but better than nothing because the JeepAOC organisers thought last year that they wouldn't get the authorisations from the local authorities anymore. If any of you are interested I would suggest to go to this one because it looks like this event won't be there for long anymore. For Info there was in the excess of 550 + Jeeps last year. I enclose a Map so you can roughly see where it is and work out the costs of the journey. Chris
  6. Wildjeeper62

    2018 Chambon Sur Jeep

    Yes Paul, they will check your documents and give you stickers to put on your Jeep and the Tickets to get Breakfast, dinner and all.
  7. Wildjeeper62

    2018 Chambon Sur Jeep

    As long as your documents are valid when you go to the registration desk you will be fine.
  8. Wildjeeper62

    2018 Chambon Sur Jeep

    You’re welcome Paul. Hope your night shift goes well mate.
  9. Wildjeeper62

    2018 Chambon Sur Jeep

    Hi All, As once again I spent my Sunday stuck on 12:00hr shift at the Control Centre of HS1 I thought I would update you with the Registration process. A couple of weeks ago I was led to believe that the Registration would have to be done via Facebook. This is wrong the Registration is done by going online on their Website: www.JeepAOC.com. You click on the Main Picture of the First page and you end up with the program, the Regulations and the cost. 1 Jeep with driver: 80 Euros Then it's 40 Euros per passengers aged above 12 years old. Children under 12 go free. Also if you want to bring another jeep to be shown at the exhibition it is free but that jeep is not allowed to be used for anything else,. Of course it's all in French so you can use Google translate but I read their Regulations and they are similar to those of JOC or other UK Jeep Clubs. Basically the Driver of the Jeep must have the correct driving license for the vehicle, the Jeep must be insured and MOTed so they want to know the name of your insurer and the insurance certificate number. Don't forget to bring with you all your Documents because they will ask to see your licence and insurance. So if you are happy with all that you click on the Green box "Je participe" on Top Right of the Page. You are directed to the next page where you enter your Email address, your first name "Prenom" and your surname "Nom" then below that you click on the selection of your choice for your Jeep and Driver and the number of Passengers. If you want to book more than one Jeep with its Driver and Passenger you click on the Green box "Ajouter une persone". Once you're done with that you must tick the grey square on bottom right "J'accepte les CGUV" (means you accept the JeepAOC Regulations) and click on the orange box "Continuer". You will then be directed to the last page where you enter your details once again, your complete address and your bank card details. You will then receive an email and you can print the payment receipt and confirmation that they received your registration request. Your Registration will be complete once you receive a Post from JeepAOC with your Registration Number few weeks later. They will accept online Registration like this until 15th April. After that you can just turn up with your Documents and register on site but it will be a bit dearer. I don't know how much. Let me know if you get stuck and I will try to help you. Chris
  10. Wildjeeper62

    2018 Chambon Sur Jeep

    Hi Paul, I received mine too. Basically this year for the first time ever people can register themselves online and pay by bank card. Go to JeepAOC.com but you will have to wait after the 11th February. Any problem give us a shout. Chris
  11. Wildjeeper62

    2018 Chambon Sur Jeep

    I won’t forget that Paul
  12. Wildjeeper62

    2018 Chambon Sur Jeep

    Thanks Paul, These are not my pics they are property of JeepAOC that’s why there is so much snow on them. They took these pics only recently I think. Anyway looking forward to see you there too mate. :great:
  13. Wildjeeper62

    2018 Chambon Sur Jeep

    Since I am stuck at work instead of having fun with you at Slindon as I had originally planned I thought I would let you know that the JeepAOC will start sending the Registration Docs for this year Chambon Jeep meeting which will take place on Sat 28th, Sun 29th and Mon 30th April. Of course they will only send these to people who were already there the previous years but you can register yourself if you want to go by going on their Facebook page so search for JeepAOC from Tuesday onwards. I thought I would add few pictures out of their Facebook wall as a "Teaser". Chris
  14. Wildjeeper62

    New member & new Jeep ...

    Welcome Andrew, Very nice jeep indeed ! :great:
  15. Bad news for me. I have been (almost) forced to agree to work next Sunday as shortage of staff due to sickness so unfortunately I can't go to Slindon. Hope you all have a great time. Chris

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