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  1. neal

    Lets see more of your Jeeps

    Few of mine from this year
  2. neal

    wanted, JK front half doors.

    Have always liked the Mopar half doors, not sure I have seen many in the UK. You could try EBay if you have a US address within your account. Would look good on your 2dr with the colour change
  3. For those of you on FB, Kielder 4x4 Safari have shared a number of photos from Saturday. Search for ‘Kielder 4x4 Safari’
  4. neal

    wanted, JK front half doors.

    Rugged Ridge do a set for the JK, thermoplastic, but paintable. Not cheap, nor do I know how they stand up to wear
  5. Alex, I hope the sale goes well. But part of me secretly hopes that we get to see the AEV hemi conversion.........
  6. All, please see message from Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue team. Hello Neal, It was nice to meet you on Saturday and first of all I would like to pass on the thanks from all the team members of The Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue team for coming up to Kielder and taking part in our event. We raised £2113 on Saturday and that goes a long way to raise the funds needed to keep the team going, we are all volunteers and rely on donations. So far this year we have had 134 incidents that the team has responded to and this takes a toll on the equipment we use and it is vital that we raise funds to maintain the level of cover that people expect from the totally free service we provide. The Kielder 4x4 Safari is a unique way to raise funds for the team and we thank you for your continued support. Regards Ian Hardy
  7. All ready to go, with the possible upgrade of Mopar's Hellephant 1000-HP Hellcat Crate Engine as an option Buzz’s loaded Hydro Blue JKUR and change or a stock JL. I know which would be my choice, but then I have always liked Hydro Blue
  8. 0F052B10-394E-4061-8975-D058B876ACE9.MOV
  9. 4FB6D94C-E9E4-4C38-9C96-244E5417480E.MOV
  10. Thanks, Glad you enjoyed yourself. Only one mishap, which was quickly resolved and nobody hurt.
  11. Bit of polishing to do I think E0506C32-8B49-48C1-8173-3EDC471FA2E2.mp4
  12. Was a bit tight in places and nice and open in others
  13. Good turnout today and it looks like a total of close to £2k was raised for Mountain Rescue. Hope everyone enjoyed their day out even if it was a bit wet.
  14. neal

    Summer Camp 2019

    Summer break for my lots starts 18/07/2019 to 02/09/2019
  15. neal

    same jeep, new color

    Colour change looks good big difference to the original Silver.

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