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  1. doodle

    Jeeps on the Rubicon Trail

    The lions back is closed now permanently i think unless you know the owner But very interested in doing the whole moab thing myself- I'm actually itching to go to the Hammers
  2. doodle

    My first Jeep

    Welcome and enjoy it- WJjeeps is a great site with lots of really useful info
  3. Add me please. Nowt special about mine. Haven’t had the trackhack engine dropped in the TJ yet.....
  4. doodle

    Who makes the best brake pads?

    I have heard great things about Black magic pads from the US- Not sure if he does them for a WJ though.. I run EBC yellow stuff on the TJ - found them to be okay. Once done ill be getting a set of the above!
  5. Am interested- Where abouts are you located?
  6. Could make the 9th- On nights though so could be tight...
  7. doodle

    New in Hampshire

    Tony, Am local to you- In Bracknell. As Neal said -we are trying to sort out a local meet
  8. Axel, Ta- i got the manufacturer correct! great footage Axel- good skills Glad i could help with the winch shot Paul
  9. Think it was the dji mavic pro
  10. Great video.... look forward to seeing more
  11. Thanks for everyone who laid on their time and help for s great day.. lots of various jeeps there.. cheers Jules for the yank out of the mud...
  12. Wow i Like the idea of that....well done guys.

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