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  1. So Neal and I were talking, briefly, about this and kinda both agreed that at least 1x area that would be a good meeting point etc would be the Showcase Cinema at Winnersh as the car park is quite large and there is a pub, The George, in the far corner. It looks like they only Open at 11:00 at weekends and serve food from 12 on any day. What time and when is obviously to be determined- Perhaps people could throw some dates etc up? If someone also has some ideas of other suitable places other than WInnersh then please share. If we all want to do a breakfast style meet then we need to find some where like the Ace Cafe that serves breakkie! Paul
  2. doodle

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Phil we actually stay in Chambon sur lac. jabe a look at a hotel called hotel Bellevue. The event is right outside the door. if recall it’s approx £100 ish for the jeep and driver and then some extra for passengers if you take them.
  3. Although the date on the list states 2017 i am sure thats just a typo and not a complete copy of two years ago!
  4. TBh its probably just the same as what Jim has posted as a link
  5. I have a feeling that is just for the use of the campsite not a hotel- Youd have to find the hotel yourself. This is from their email about the event- I can forward on it if you wish to pm me your email address? Breakfast tickets Every morning we’ll be serving up a filling breakfast in the event tent. You can buy a set of four tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday; or a set of three breakfast tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Monday. 3 day ticket is 24,00 Euro / 4 day ticket 32,00 Euro Service/Repair We do not offer a repair service, take care for your vehicle that you come in good shape. In case of problems we are real Jeepers and try to help each other. PARTICIPATION Attendance Costs Cost per Jeep, including all passengers : Euro 395,00 Incl. stay / use Camp site 3 Breakfast Coupons - Friday/Saturday/Sunday : Euro 32,00 4 Breakfast Coupons - Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday : Euro 24,00
  6. doodle

    American Speedfest 2019


    I am i hope
  7. doodle

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    I believe that we are coming out the Thursday, stopping overnight halfway down arriving in town Friday again. Leaving Monday and stopping over half way back this time for ferry on Tuesday- Normally we would hump back in one shot but as the day has been lost we decided to break it up. Its a shame that they've reduced it - the way the world is going - to many fairies!
  8. doodle

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Already booked in Chris. See you there.
  9. doodle

    Summer Camp 2019

    lol- Honestly no need to rub it in!
  10. doodle

    5 Rockstar wheels & Tyres

    Hi, What pcd are these? I am assume to fit a JK?
  11. doodle

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Very nice, very jealous....
  12. Hadn’t really thought of it- I have no issue travelling. Just as long as it fits an off day/ night from work and I’m in. Work langley anyway but no issues wherever. Needs to to be big enough to park if ther s a few !
  13. So- seeing as there are a few more that are popping up on here from and around the Berkshire area- Shall we sort something out?
  14. doodle

    Complete newbie here!

    Oh Sorry, welcome to the club- before long you'll be hooked and traded up!
  15. doodle

    Complete newbie here!

    Going again this year(Hopefully- its all booked anyway). Travelling from Bracknell!

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