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  1. Obarno

    replacing fender flares

    I drilled mine out too and replaced with new. Be careful not to enlarge the hole in the flare if the drill slips.
  2. Obarno

    Turned my back for 2 minutes

    Right hand corners anyway!
  3. Look what happened!
  4. Obarno

    New tyres on the JK

    I saw your post on the white lettering and it looks really good. Not sure what the muc junkie is but probably any cleaner would do. For some reason there's no 'reply' button on the post.
  5. Obarno

    New tyres on the JK

    Look forward to seeing that Jim as they discolour quite quickly.
  6. Obarno

    New tyres on the JK

    I bought them from a Vauxhall dealer in Beckenham who had bought the wrong tyre by mistake! They wanted them for a pickup but the load rating was wrong. They were on eBay for a few days so I made a silly offer and after a bit of negotiation (!) I paid £485 fitted which was a bargain.
  7. Obarno

    New tyres on the JK

    I've just put a set of Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tyres on the JK. The original Wranglers were 245 75 17 and these are 265 70 17 which is virtually the same diameter so no problems with speedo etc. They not only look good, well I think so, but are quite quiet too. They are advertised as an all terrain but I think look more somewhere between all terrain and mud terrain. should be pretty good anyway.
  8. Obarno

    Lets see more of your Jeeps

    Looking good Paul - quite a transformation! Like the bumpers!
  9. Obarno

    Lets see more of your Jeeps

    This is my TJ on holiday in France with my Jimny that lives at our house.! Essential to have plenty of toys!
  10. I fitted a set to my TJ last year in Graphite and very smart they are. They also helped with both noise and heat particularly when we were in Corsica and Sardinia where it was extremely hot outside. Have today ordered a set for my JK. Very efficient service from Buzz which is why I ordered from them again.
  11. You could also try the NFU - they don't see to mind what you do as long as you tell them.
  12. Obarno

    New member in the midlands

    Thought you might like to see a picture of my TJ and Jimny - both on holiday in the south of France!
  13. Obarno

    New member in the midlands

    Nice looking car Adam, and the Jimny too which I have seen on Big Jim. I too have a Jimny and it's a great little car.
  14. Obarno

    Few JK update photos

    Looking good Chris - look forward to seeing it at the end of August!

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