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  1. Would you add me too please thanks Peter
  2. Obarno

    1998 Sahara Hard top for Sale

    I have now removed the box in the rear and refitted the original Sahara rear seat and belts. To make it more attractive the price is now £9,000 which makes it excellent value. It drives and behaves well on the road, as well as off road.
  3. Obarno

    Jeep Wrangler TJ 2004 - Modified

    Thanks Matt - I’m sure you’ll find something nice. Good luck!
  4. Obarno

    Jeep Wrangler TJ 2004 - Modified

    Hi Matt - I have a very nice low mileage petrol manual TJ for sale. Please pm me if you are interested.
  5. Obarno

    1998 Sahara Hard top for Sale

    Price now reduced to £9,500 as would prefer to sell it than have it sat in my garage.
  6. Obarno

    1998 Sahara Hard top for Sale

    Thank you Frosty, it is a nice car and drives well. As I say I shall be sorry to see it go, but equally it’s been sitting in the garage for the last year or so. Having said that I taxed it yesterday and took it for a drive!
  7. Obarno

    1998 Sahara Hard top for Sale

    Here’s a couple of photos of the inside showing the box in the back.
  8. For Sale £10,000 It now has an age related number plate. The front tow bar is removed I am reluctantly selling my 1998 Wrangler 4.0 that I bought in 1999. It has mainly been garaged since that time. It was an auto with a 3 speed Torquflite but I had it converted to manual with a low mileage AX15 5 speed manual box a few years ago. Mileage is 62362 and it has been serviced at least once a year since that time. MOT expires 11/4/19 – it has done 5 miles since the MOT It is currently SORN It has a 4 inch lift with Teraflex adjustable arms, upper and lower all round. 1 inch body lift. Quick disconnects for the front anti roll bar. The axles have been regeared to 4.10 with ARB lockers back and front. The front axle casing has been strengthened, control arm brackets strenghthened, and the front half shafts changed for Grand Cherokee with cv joints. It has a Teralow transfer box with 4:1 low ratio and extra short slip yoke eliminator and double Cardon rear prop. There are underbody protection plates to protect the steering, sump and petrol tank. It has 2 new BFG KM2 mud terrain tyres, 33 10.50 15, on new rims on the front and very good tyres on the rear. The wheel arches are new Rugged Ridge. The front discs pads and calipers have been changed recently to EBC green stuff pads and EBC discs – it has extended brake hoses all round. It has an uprated servo – Daves Custom - with a belt driven vacuum pump, and reservoir, to increase the vacuum. It has a Warn 9000i winch with synthetic rope on the front, and a winch bumper, but no winch, on the rear. All the wiring is in place for a rear winch. Winch switches are inside the vehicle. Internally it has JK Wrangler front seats, heated, and the drivers is height adjustable. The original roll cage has been extended at the front to brace it to the floor, and also with additional roof protection. It has a Hot Heads roof lining making it quieter and cooler in summer The radio has been changed to a Pioneer Its recently had a new battery In the rear is a large aluminium box with lockable sliding drawer for ropes, tools etc. The rear seat is available but not fitted. Other parts Parrot hands free phone kit Rock sliders/side step suitable for high lift jacking vehicle High lift jack mounting (jack not included) CB radio and aerial Safari snorkel Brantz rally trip wiring (trip not included) Front and rear towing hooks LED spot lights Mounting for spare tyre on tailgate moved upwards to accommodate larger tyre Lock to hold tailgate open Drop down tray on inside of tailgate Circular side vents in bonnet Fuel filler opening flap I have a huge file on works to the vehicle It has been used off road and has some minor scratching to the bodywork but generally is in good condition. It has been sitting in my garage for the last year unused which is a shame for such a competent vehicle. Please pm me for any more info or if you wish to view it
  9. Good luck selling the JKU - if you’re looking for a TJ I think I will sell mine as I unfortunately haven’t used it for the last year. The number plate has now been changed to its original R reg. it’s a 1998 Sahara that I bought in 1999.
  10. Obarno

    replacing fender flares

    I drilled mine out too and replaced with new. Be careful not to enlarge the hole in the flare if the drill slips.
  11. No - it’s a similar size, although obviously a completely diffferent shape. It does remind me of the Samurai - used to have one of those and it was a great little car. Here’s a couple more pics.
  12. I was on my way back from some off roading in Sardinia last week and passed a Suzuki dealership in Albenga. It looks just as good in the flesh as it does in the pics. My wife was relieved that the place was shut otherwise there could have been an addition to the ‘fleet’!
  13. Obarno

    ...come back from the Italian Alps...

    Excellent- thank you
  14. Obarno

    ...come back from the Italian Alps...

    Excellent, please try and persuade your friends to sign too.
  15. Obarno

    ...come back from the Italian Alps...

    http://www.mesopinions.com/petition/nature-environnement/contre-fermeture-tunnel-parpaillon-aux-vehicules/39650 it would be good if all or any of you even could sign this petition concerning the closure of the tunnel. I have driven it and it adds a lot to the off roading in the area. Many thanks.

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