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  1. digger

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Thanks for your help.. So, is Le pre bas where you all stay and is it close to the Jeep event. I think Paul told me at Kielder that the event is about £100. I guess this is shown when Jeep AOC publish the booking.
  2. digger

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Hi Paul, Thanks for your advice re Chambon. I'm on the side of Chambon too rather than EJJ. Although still waiting to sort my available dates. For me there is little difference in distance. All being well I hope to book with the 10% off. I am guessing that the event price is included in their holiday chalet price at 'Le Pre Bas' Looks ok at about 150 euros for 3 nights. Am I right in this or is there some other website where you can book just the event.
  3. Thanks Paul. This seems expensive for an OAP. It seems to me to be an increasing problem these days. Big companies, organisations give as little info as possible but still expect you to pay without question.
  4. digger

    summer camp 2019

    Hi , Do we have any idea of dates yet for this year summer camp please? Phil
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can find the price combinations of attending this event please? Sure I've found the 395 euros + breakfast which appears to include accommodation and attendance, but what does it include? I assume (due to price) it means staying in their hotel but what if you are camping, or wish to arrange your own accommodation? What would be the price then? I will not pay and register when I don't know what I'm getting. thanks for any help.
  6. digger

    Wrangler YJ Parts Wanted

    Hi, V is right ,its amazing what can be repaired and often quite cheaply. I'm sorry I don't have any parts but can I ask where the scrap yard with the Yj is ? I'm trying to get an original, jack, tool kit and holding bracket and it looks like it has one.
  7. Staying at Premier inn J44 M6 Fri nd Sat.
  8. digger

    What first and can i get hold of them !

    Like the Commanders but if you need a roof off too, get a Yj and save another before they've all gone, ther's only about 60 left on the road in the uk.
  9. Hi Stewart, all being well, I'll be there. I thought it was excellent last year. Phil
  10. digger

    Shopping YJ parts in London

    Hi, I'm sorry I can't help with your request specifically. However I've bee working on mine for a while and would be happy to let you you have any info re my sources for what I have needed . If that's any help let me know what you want. If you find such a 'shop' I would be interested in hearing about it. Good luck.
  11. digger

    events 2018

    Thanks everyone. ,Have booked Kielder and am considering Seven Sisters, partly depending on whether or not there's another JOC event before. Phil
  12. Thanks for info Stewart. Booked. See you there. Phil
  13. digger

    events 2018

    Hi folks, Will there be anymore events this year? If so any idea when 'cos the diary is getting full. I did find an event at Seven Sisters/Walters arena, South Wales on Nov 24/25th with (dare I say it) another Jeep club . Does anyone know this site. Is anyone interested in tagging along? Any other ideas? Phil
  14. digger

    Greetings from Somerset Newbie!

    Hi Stu, Sorry not replied before , have been away. I'm not an expert on this. I have a hard top and have never fitted my soft top. However I have removed the HT and gone without or used my bikini top. The hardtop is easy to fit . On mine the centre w/screen screw remains in place and the ht has a slot for it which makes lining up the screw holes simple. I replaced the seals on top of the sides on the rear body with good quality adhesive rubber draught strip which have worked well. The side bolts are easy to line up because they have elongated holes. The worst problem for me, being an old git, is the weight of the ht. I need a couple of helpers to lift it! I'm currently rigging up a simple hand winch with a pulley in the roof. this will lift a simple frame which hooks on to the ht, enabling me to lift it on my own.There's plenty of examples on the net on you tube. I prefer the ht for general use. My biggest issue with it was that it was very hot(its black too!) in the sun. I have insulated it and its now brilliant, cheap, easy and smart. If you want details let me know. Phil Ps one tip .I found the w/ screen front outer corner rubber seals tend to move or fall out when wriggling the ht into the right position, so I 'fixed' mine in place with RTV. They can't leak either!.
  15. digger

    Greetings from Somerset Newbie!

    Gr8 to hear of another YJ owner! Hope you have as much fun with it as I do. If you need any help just ask. Phil

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