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  1. Hi, put me on the list please. I would be interested in a short test drive on the road in a top spec, petrol Compass and /or Renegade if that's possible please. Phil
  2. I'm planning this in and hope it is in Oxford area. I know some good pubs around Oxforb/Banbury area if that would help.
  3. You know it makes sense!
  4. digger

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Perhaps EJJ could be run in the uk one year , before the minority complainers get off roading banned on all but private land here, as they have in France I understand.
  5. digger

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Hi everyone I said I would let you know my decision re Chambon. I'm very disappointed , but I will not be going. The optimistic cost of attending the two days is more than double my best 'guestimate'. I love France having once had a house there for over twenty years. However , even with my knowledge of it, staying with friends here and there etc, the fact is, costs have risen a lot and I cannot justify spending more on a two day event than I will on all the JOC events this year put together. This also applies to EJJ as well for me. Best wishes for a GR8 trip.
  6. Well, I might as well put my three pennyworth in. ! thought last year was excellent and I'd really like to go this year too. I can go pretty much anytime except from 24th July til 2nd AUG, so I'm hoping it won't be then!
  7. digger

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Hi Chris, I am seriously interested in going and I can't thank you all for the info you have given me. I was concerned that I might have a date clash. This is not the case. However , being an OAP, I have to carefully consider the implications of going. Twenty years ago I would have already been! A good point you have made is the possible temps which mean I have ruled out camping for example. At the moment I am costing everything, awaiting some test results, establishing whether it will be possible to stay with friends here and there, and whether I can find a passenger to share some costs etc. I will let you know what the conclusion is. Rest assured if its feasible for me ,I will be looking forward to seeing you all there. Phil
  8. digger

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Thanks for your help.. So, is Le pre bas where you all stay and is it close to the Jeep event. I think Paul told me at Kielder that the event is about £100. I guess this is shown when Jeep AOC publish the booking.
  9. digger

    Chambon sur Jeep 2019

    Hi Paul, Thanks for your advice re Chambon. I'm on the side of Chambon too rather than EJJ. Although still waiting to sort my available dates. For me there is little difference in distance. All being well I hope to book with the 10% off. I am guessing that the event price is included in their holiday chalet price at 'Le Pre Bas' Looks ok at about 150 euros for 3 nights. Am I right in this or is there some other website where you can book just the event.
  10. Thanks Paul. This seems expensive for an OAP. It seems to me to be an increasing problem these days. Big companies, organisations give as little info as possible but still expect you to pay without question.
  11. Can anyone tell me where I can find the price combinations of attending this event please? Sure I've found the 395 euros + breakfast which appears to include accommodation and attendance, but what does it include? I assume (due to price) it means staying in their hotel but what if you are camping, or wish to arrange your own accommodation? What would be the price then? I will not pay and register when I don't know what I'm getting. thanks for any help.
  12. Staying at Premier inn J44 M6 Fri nd Sat.
  13. digger

    foreign breakdown recovery insurance.

    You are right, the agreed value that I have with LV classic ins. is of key importance and I can't disagree with your point of view. . You get what you pay for! I do have a number of other points which , if ,any one is interested 'i would be happy to discuss if we meet up at an event etc. I am told some companies will accept cars as classics less than 20 yrs old.
  14. digger

    foreign breakdown recovery insurance.

    Hi all , as promised these are my final conclusions. Firstly , this is a mine field. I have spent many hours contacting insurers and there are many more companies than I've tried. If I was not retired I can't see how it would have been possible! Obviously, as previously said, you must do your own research because individuals, vehicles, uses, mileage, no of drivers are all different. My info is not advice, just what I think will work best for me. I hope some of the ideas help others. In my own case my basic info is OAP, SDP only use, 5000m at present, car over 20 yrs old, +named driver . It appears that a reasonable policy for uk/euro recovery costs in the order of £100 + per annum (eg, First4 recovery classic car Euro and Uk breakdown(EUBC-my abreviation) cover £105) freestanding. In future this seems ok for me if I want EUBC. However my car is already with LV who have been very helpful. They currently charge me approx £130 pa (inc legal expenses) for my classic road insurance inc.EU. This is not the cheapest. I can add their EUBC but this would be £200 +pa. However if I buy part way (close to the end ) through the year of my road cover then I pay pro rata and to go to France in April and /or June in the least expensive way. I should add that, in the meantime, I'm already covered for UK breakdown in my wife's car policy(me = named driver) which has personal cover for any vehicle. This 'personal cover 'covers the driver not the car but when I tried to extend it to the EU the company would only do it for the car the policy relates to (ie my wife's car)! Poor show . Different companies could be different so it may be worth investigating for those of you with more than one car. I did, yesterday, receive a quote from RH, the one Geoff spotted for £194.57 . Their policy seems ok and is all in one cover. I would have a number(as ever) of questions re clarification of my info(see below) and meaning of clauses which I have not followed up. The insurer suggested appears to be a Lloyds syndicate. Although am sure these can be ok, I personally prefer a branded company so this would not be for me. Feel free to criticise or if you feel I've missed something. Hope this is useful.

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