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  1. Chrisby

    CJ-5 1978 in E15 Stratford

    Glad to hear everybody helped you out, I think there is an assumption these days people will just walk by and offer no help. I’ve always found people more than willing to help out if they see a fellow motorists in trouble. Especially if you have an interesting car! I personally make a point of stopping and offering help should I see somebody broken down or even with the Bonnet up in the supermarket carpark. What goes What goes around comes around so I always offer help. Having an engineering and automotive background I’ve always found my offers of help to be gratefully accepted. Amazing how many people have not got the first clue about how a car works (just the basics) So can you can always look like a hero if you can get them going again!. Good luck with the CJ!
  2. Chrisby

    Few JK update photos

    Hoping to see everyone next Sunday at the 4x4 Expo show where Green Meany 2.0 will be revealed and on show ! If you can’t make it then , come take a look at the Meet up at Unity Jeep on the 9th March
  3. Kerry will also come along in her Renegade , Exactly a year since we picked it up from there .
  4. Chrisby

    A Rubicon build story

    And there was all of us thinking you might have got it muddy !
  5. Good for me, Kerry May even come in her Renegade
  6. Chrisby

    New in Hampshire

    Welcome Tony, Your 2004 TJ is exactly the type of Jeep many members dreamed of . Great to hear you realised your dream to own one. Lots of events coming up in 2019 and don’t forget to check out our sponsors for discounts on parts , insurance and many other jeep related stuff ! p.s we’d love to see pictures of your TJ !
  7. If its after the 24th Feb I'll even have my JK! Otherwise I'd be in the GC or Renegade
  8. i'm in for the whole weekend for the off-road and camping
  9. Should be ok most weekends, can get Kerry to do horse riding runs
  10. Enjoy all, looks like it will be a good one. Unfortunately I’ll be drinking in Vegas for the next week in the sun so won’t be able to enjoy the mud and snow! 0|||||||0
  11. Chrisby

    Few JK update photos

    Grand reveal will be at the 4x4 expo show in Stafford on 24th Feb. Sneek peek.......
  12. Chrisby

    Few JK update photos

    A few more weeks and it will be complete Little sneak peak shot......
  13. Chrisby

    New member

    Welcome Motley
  14. Chrisby


    Welcome Jason,Pippa. nice looking WJ.
  15. Chrisby

    Few JK update photos

    Nope lol , lots going on but it’s a big surprise for everyone including me. Purposely not getting updates . However Full re-dinitrol has been done just a little update photo/birthday card

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