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  1. Buzz

    Buzz Racing Vehicle Builds

    Some recent vehicles in our workshop... the last one is not a Jeep if you were wondering
  2. Buzz

    New jeep JL

    There are lots of 2.0 turbos in the states getting 25 US mpg about 29 UK mpg.. after a few thousand miles it should improve Al. I was in a JL diesel today and it was getting around 33mpg... at 80-85mph. What would I take? 270bhp petrol. After all who buys a JK or JL for fuel economy? Remember the petrol 2.0 has 4.10 ratio whereas the diesel is 3.73 so the 2.0 should handle a set of 35s with no issues whatsoever with minimal mpg drop, whereas the diesel will probably suffer a bit more!
  3. Buzz

    New jeep JL

    The new 2.2 diesel to me is a LOT quieter than my old 2.8 crd so I am surprised you found that fen, maybe it was the tyres?... the 2.0 however was the clear winner for me. Power, smoothness etc etc! Congrats Al, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh
  4. Thank you Tim, it really is a lot of Jeep for the money when you consider what else is out there. Low mileage and well looked after! Neal an AEV hemi conversion if it doesn’t sell!
  5. So the time has come to sell my Rubicon which i have owned since new in July 2016. This vehicle literally does everything i want of it and way more (good on the road at 70-80 mph cruising across Europe and very capable off road). The only reason for selling it is to make way for a new project which we would like to build. This Rubicon is probably the highest spec one i have ever seen in the Uk. It has everything anyone could ever want (ok bar some coilovers and some dana 60s). The vehicle has been serviced every 4-5k miles and will be serviced again before its new owner. Diff oils have been changed every single time the engine oil has been changed so again every 4-5k miles. Genuine OEM parts used and a stamped service book from us. The parts list below is just an indication of what a build like this would cost, and of course there is also the time and labour involved! I will probably regret this massively as this is one of the last 3.6 v6 rubicons around with some carefully selected modifications which really enhance the vehicles performance and aesthetics. The person who buys this will get a very very good Jeep. The specs can be found below: 2016 JKU RUBICON 3.6 V6 Colour: Hydro Blue Mileage: 23,000 miles SAT NAV Suspension: -3.5” JKS J spec suspension with upgraded fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks -Geometry correction brackets -Fox ATS fully adjustable steering damper Wheels and Tyres -ATX 17x9 et-12 + 37x12.50 r17 Cooper stt pro (like new) -Procomp wheel nuts (black) Interior: -Full hotheads headliner/insulation and painted hardtop inside to match -Retrofitted heated seats using a Waeco kit -Vector off road full width bar and mounting solution. -Custom flat bottom full napa leather and half perforated steering wheel -VDP centre console storage cover -Bestop underseat lock box Engine: -Flow master outlaw axle back system -Sprintbooster v3 Bumpers and Armour/exterior -Front Poison Spyder brawler bumper -Rear Poison Spyder brawler rear bumper and led reverse lights built in -Nemesis industries lightweight high clearance aluminium odyssey fender flares front and rear -Nemesis industries aluminium rocker knocker sidestep/side protection with body armour. -Teraflex adjustable tyre carrier with rotopax mount and includes rotopax. Led lighting: -Truck-lite led headlights -Rigid 50” ADAPT light bar (no wind noise with the shape of this, also has some incredible features) RRP £2400 alone. -RIGID 50” brackets -Rigid D-SS side shooter flood lights on A-Pillar -10” rigid radiance on winch fair lead -Rigid Scene light on hardtop/perfect camp/ reverse light Recovery: -Warn Zeon 10s -Warn Shackles -Factor 55 pro link hook. Additional stuff: -US style number plate holder -Rocks 4x4 tailgate table -Drake off road fire extinguisher quick release bracket and extinguisher -Seat recline kit for rear seats -drake off road good latches -Drake off road fire extinguisher mount. Price: £40,000 ONO Serious enquiries only please. Info@buzzspecialvehicles.co.uk 01992 47 90 90
  6. Buzz

    Buzz Racing Vehicle Builds

    Thanks for the feedback Rob, glad you are happy with it!
  7. Buzz


    As we probably all know it is that time of the year again! We have some considerable "bargains" take a look below. Hurry as it is only while stocks last! https://www.rigidindustriesshop.co.uk/collections/SALE
  8. Buzz

    Newbie Alert!

    Welcome to the club and enjoy the JK! Alex Buzz Special Vehicles
  9. We will be there.. add us to the list please
  10. Buzz

    Hi from Weardale.

    Nice! Good choice with the AEV lift, should loosen up after around 500 miles and you will begin to love it if you didn’t know already we are the official AEV importer and keep everything in stock , so if you want the rest to match, let me know and we can help! we are also a club sponsor! https://www.buzzspecialvehicles.co.uk/collections/aev
  11. Buzz

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Very nice. If it is the 525 variant with the “cam” try to keep a x-pipe and not a two into one exhaust system if possible. We run a 525 in our off road race truck and they can be a pain to get them running smoothly. Exhaust path and restrictions we have on space all play quite a big part in this so something to consider when routing your exhaust. otherwise it has been a very reliable engine for us!
  12. Buzz

    Buzz Racing Vehicle Builds

    Rubcion bonnet was resprayed whilst with us also... so stickers were lost good spot though! The wheel needed some spacing and was still very very tight (snug against the plastic carrier) this will be changed soon i would imagine when the customer is ready.

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