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  1. Olijk

    New jeep JL

    I am told I need an Affinity Code to get a discount for the Fiat scheme. Does anyone know if JOC have a code?
  2. Olijk

    New jeep JL

    Thanks all for the discussion. It’s a close call but I think petrol has it for me. Saw a clip of the Punk orange that certainly reinforced the Rubicon look. Now need to get the best deal so any help here appreciated. Is there a discount still available for Club members?
  3. Olijk

    New jeep JL

    Nice to hear you love it! I drove the 4 dr Rubi yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the on road manners despite the MTs when compared to my stock 2 dr JK Sahara. Seriously thinking of going for a Rubi even though the majority of usage is on road. The look is sooo much better and you have the capability when you need it. What is the thinking on the engines? The diesel added a lot to the road noise but the petrol felt a bit lacking. I only had a few miles to compare so would really appreciate folks thinking as need to get the choice right! What does should i consider All wisdom appreciated Thanks
  4. All, thanks for a great welcome and day out. First time out and will now certainly be back. Thanks to John See you next time
  5. Just paid - I think? Please confirm receipt! Looking forward to giving it a go
  6. Would be keen to give this a go but never taken my JK off the Tarmac so may need some hints. Let me know when!

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