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  1. PTE993

    New in Hampshire

    Welcome Tony! Same feeling for us when we got our TJ. Another Hampshire Jeep here. Should do a meet up this neck of woods. The club has done Salisbury Plain in the past which is pretty close for you.
  2. Thanks Jules! :great: Much appreciated. Looking forward to it.
  3. Hi please could you put us down for Saturday and camping. I see Sunday's full. We'll find something to do on that day I'm sure but available for the stand Sunday if a space comes free. I'm not sure if I'll be able to be completely loyal to Jeep either :gasp: since I'll be bringing along another American motor :happy: we've gained recently to keep the JK company. Many Thanks Paul
  4. Hi Stewart and the team, got my TJ fixed up (shout out to Jeepey :great: for supplying the parts and saving me about 50% of the best prices my local garage could find too) so will definitely be making the event however have just been reminded that we are taking our son back to Uni on the Sunday. Which means I can now only attend for Saturday. So my space is free for Sunday if someone would like to take it. Happy New Year to everyone. Look forward to the event next week. Paul
  5. Nice to see the picture of the TJ in action. Here's one of it 'not in action' on the way home. The clogged radiator gave up on me and I had to call the AA out who helped me clear it out enough to get home. And another of it having a well earned rest
  6. Hi Stewart. Donation made. Just need to get my radiator fixed up now. Missed a few of the events over the Summer just clashed with other things. Looking forward to this. Cheers Paul
  7. Hi both days for us too please. Thank you Paul and Anne Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. Hi Stewart been looking at the attendees list looks like we're listed twice...once as paid (which we have) and to confirm. P. Evans/PTE993. Didn't want you to double count us. Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Paul
  9. Hi, please put us down for this :icon_bounce: Thank you!
  10. Thank you all. Tried again clicking payment via paypal rather than proceed to checkout and that worked fine. So now all paid up. Looking forward to it!
  11. Hi I'm getting some error messages when I try and book my tickets. One is There is 1 error This voucher has already been used And the other is Error: You cannot continue without tickets info What am I doing wrong? Thanks Paul
  12. Thanks Stewart, we'll be there. Really looking forward to it. :icon_bounce: Thanks Paul
  13. Hi Stewart, are there still spaces available for this one? If so please count us in too. Thank you.
  14. PTE993

    put some new wheels on my TJ

    Hi Woody, thank you. Here are the rim details.... 8x15 ET00 5 114.3 Black steel 'D' Window Rims The tyres are 31x10.50x15. When I bought them the guy I bought them from had widened his arches and these tyres were too narrow. He said that they'd be a little wide for a stock TJ Sport but would be fine for for a Sahara which has slightly wider arches (which I didn't know). And they do fit perfectly. I suspect you could go wider than 10.5 with the right spacers. I am really pleased with them. The 'look' of the previous wheel/tyre combination was a bit odd. Although we'd had Jeep for a few years we've only just got round to changing them.

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