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  1. Whitebeard

    Snow Chains / Winter tyres

    Not sure if my IT skills are up to loading this video but here ( I hope) is an alternative to snow chains if you have not seen it before. Plus_besoin_de_deneiger111.mpg
  2. Whitebeard


    I agree with Kryton - but be aware that the SRT has a much lower weight limit for towing, 1.587 kg compared with 3,500 kg for the 4.7 and 5.7 models. This may be due to the higher gearing and lack of a low range in the transfer box. There are quite a few SRTs around that have the standard driver's handbook instead of the correct SRT version.
  3. Whitebeard

    Supermarket Fuel

    I fitted a catch can to my GC about 3 years ago. It is definitely a worthwhile mod on the hemi engines as it catches a lot of the dirty oil mist from the PCV valve before it goes into the inlet manifold and fouls up sensors.
  4. Whitebeard

    Recognise these rims?? Tough trivia question.

    They look like these; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DAIHATSU-FOURTRAK-SUZUKI-VITARA-15in-ALLOY-WHEELS-SET-OF-4-/292141791544?hash=item440501f938:g:dLgAAOSw-3FZNjuH
  5. Whitebeard

    SRT running costs?

    Most of my driving (apart from around town) is on local roads that have 50mph speed limits with average speed cameras along most of my route and the rest on the M1 that also has average speed cameras with variable speed limits and that is why I can get 18 - 20 mpg on a run. The beauty of the SRT8 is acceleration NOT top speed - just giving the local hot hatch brigade a few surprises is a bit naughty but fun. I enjoy high power motors because of the power they have in reserve when needed - overtaking is much safer when the time taken is minimised - and they have the brakes to match. Each to their own - enjoy.
  6. Whitebeard

    SRT running costs?

    I have been using my 2010 SRT8 as our only car for the last three and a half years and have added almost 27,000 miles to the 22,000 on the clock when I purchased it. Fuel consumption over that period has averaged 15.9 mpg. It has been as low as 9 mpg when my wife did the Tesco run through town and as high as 23 mpg when cruising through the 20+ miles of M1 roadworks with a 50mph limit. Typically 19/20 mpg at motorway speeds. I use an independent Jeep specialist for servicing - usually just oil & filter changes and not expensive unless you pay a fortune for the special transfer box oil. Can cost c£50 litre, two litres required and should really be changed every 10,000 miles even though the book says (from memory) 30,000. I use Arbor MTF as quoted by UK Jeep dealers as an alternative at a fraction of the cost of the USA oil. I have had to replace front brake pads at 36,000 and & rear pads at 39,000 miles. Genuine Brembo pads are expensive but there are aftermarket options. My current European Goodyear rear tyres have done 25,000 miles but the original useless USA Goodyears only made around 20,000 before shredding the inner edges. I can't help with the newer model SRT but my 2010 is the most enjoyable motor I have ever had in over 50 years of driving - and that includes a 1991 Mercedes 500SL, 1919 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 and 1959 Cadillac. There is a lot of information here:- http://www.cherokeesrt8.com/ and there is a UK SRT group on facebook. I hope this helps and good luck.
  7. Looks like I will be there on Sunday only and not Saturday.
  8. Whitebeard

    Anyone buy JP Magazine please?

    I used to have it delivered direct . Try here:- https://www.circsource.com/store/Subscribe.html?offerId=271&countryCode=intl or here and click at the top right corner: http://www.fourwheeler.com/jp-magazine/
  9. We hope to be there for a few hours - either Saturday or Sunday depending on any family developments between now and then.
  10. Whitebeard

    Dash Cam? Any recomendations

    I bought the Nextbase 402 before Christmas from eBay - Nextbase were selling "returns" from their product support unit at about half list price. Hard wired it in with the Nextbase hardwire kit and very pleased with the result so far. Good clear image and easy to view on my PC using the supplied software - it can show the actual moving location on a map alongside the video. It can also be viewed on a TV using the supplied HDMI cable - still very clear on 40" screen. I hope this helps.
  11. Whitebeard

    Show us you old off roader/ 4x4...............

    My old CJ7 with AMC 360 engine - sadly sold and exported to Spain 5 years ago when arthritis made climbing in & out a painful experience for me. A new hip makes life better now and I still fancy a flat fender project - one day, who knows!
  12. Whitebeard

    Sat nav Grand Cherokee

    Hi Jim I tried that route - the map update id the USA one and, unless I am missing something, I could not find a UK or Europe edition. I just tried the "Check for updates" route and my VIN is still not recognised!
  13. Whitebeard

    Sat nav Grand Cherokee

    Hi Glynn. I have been searching for an update for my 2010 without success. I tried the official online link from Jeep to Uconnect - and neither Jeep or Uconnect recognised my VIN number!! I hope that you have more luck.. Regards, Brian
  14. Whitebeard

    Jeep UK contact details

    Try 01753 511431-that is Fiat Group UK - that was the number on a reply to my technical question about my SRT8.
  15. This week has gone pear shaped - unplanned grandparent day care being one of several things pushing other jobs back to the weekend and making Saturday look unlikely for me. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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