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  1. That should have said "WAR PAINT" The sun came out … maybe this is a better picture?
  2. Hi Tim When I said “here” ... I meant my own Jeep build thread Have been fairly quiet on JOC of late ... but have made a few posts. Tbh I am still trying to get used to the new “forum’s ways” ... not being able to find how to create a new thread (on my mobile) is a bit sad ... so the chances of me getting on to Facebook are still remote JOC is still my only forum
  3. JKUR2016 - FIRST MOT Not posted “here” for quite a while ... sometimes life is like that ... and I couldn’t work out how to create a new post So anyway ... it passed no advisories Happy chap
  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR All the best for 2019.
  5. Thanks for reminding me of that thread Jim ... your decals look really cool :great: I will see if “mr google” helps me find a sign writer in Bedford ...
  6. Will be interested to see what your imagination comes up with Neal :icon_king: Also if you find a good vinyl sign-writer, please let me know ... might galvanise me into getting my bonnet done ... might :icon_clown:
  7. Looks really great Neal :great: :great: PS I still haven’t put my RUBICON decals back on my bonnet ... personal choice I guess ... did have something else in mind ... but now 2 years have passed :glasses:
  8. Congrats Alex .... I know you’ve been working on this for some time :great:
  9. WEDS 28th FEB = DAY OFF So went to my local cricket club ... as you do ... but play looked unlikely ... and the car park was shut So I ventured on to my local pub ... as you do ... only one in their car park ... but luckily IT WAS OPEN :glasses:
  10. Hi Karen and welcome to JOC :wav1 Saw the pic of “Justin” in the snow ... enjoy!!
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