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  1. Jeep Wrangler TJ - Metallic Green - 2.5L Sports - 1997 - 5 speed manual. Located SG15. MOT until 18th October 2018. Car tax, (more reasonable than 4L models), at just £245.00 per year. Average mileage is low at under 87,000 and there’s lots of paperworks and all the MOTs & service history dating back, to guarantee mileage is genuine. Overview: First registered 30th May 1997, I have owned this Jeep since the end of August 2014 and it’s been fantastic. Thoroughly well maintained since - this Jeep has wanted for nothing! The colour scheme looks awesome and it’s great fun to drive. Starts first time and the tyres all have loads of tread. Fully reliable on long trips. Great, fun summer run-around with the doors and hood removed! The tan BESTOP hood is new & leak free. This Jeep is in very good condition, with some small age related marks to the paintwork and trim but certainly no dents, damage or rust holes. Chrome side bars have been fitted and there is a tow bar with the newest 13 pin Euro electrics. Radio/cassette player fitted & additional rear speakers. And there are two keys & two immobiliser fobs. Rare private plate included in full asking price - J44P NG (Jeep’ng) - original plate P965 TVG. Full service history. Improvements since purchased: New steering box. New aluminium radiator. New front & rear shocks. New drive belt. New tan Bestop hood. (Spare window panels from old hood available too). New rear silencer. New starter motor. New battery. Five professionally refurbished bronze wheels. Bespoke overhead interior light. (Not just the footwell lights). Full service history. New immobiliser fob from Jeep. Known points: The indicator doesn’t self cancel on left hand turns. Hasn’t bothered me. The after market front spot lights are not wired and were that way since I purchased it. Reason for selling: Bought a 2006 TJ Extreme Sport with 32,000 miles so priced for a quick sale.
  2. Thanks so much to the team leaders for all the help and special care over the weekend! They lent their equipment, pulled us out the mud and passed on tips & advice throughout. Just perfect - cheers guys. Made some new friends too - what a great club - gets better all the time! Brought most of the Plains home with us on the Jeep it seems but just about clean again now. See you all soon, Phill & Sandra. :)
  3. Yes please - we're in! Phill & Sandra Palmer. Does this message count as a booking or do we need to do it elsewhere? Thanks!
  4. We'd like to come along. Please let us know about booking in due course.
  5. Thanks to all the guys at the club for a great day - especially Bob for his welcome advice and patience. We laughed all day long! All the best, Phill & Sandra.
  6. Just paid. Standard 1997 TJ - not as many horses as it used to have but looking forward to the day! Phill.
  7. Add me too please - Phill Palmer. E: phill@flingprom.com
  8. Palmer

    Events for 2015

    Green lane days please - a day, (or weekend), away in the countryside. :)
  9. Palmer

    Hello All and Happy New Year.

    Thanks! Yep neighbour-ish! It's not always that shiny but I try... :)
  10. Palmer

    Hello All and Happy New Year.

    Cheers Chris - see you're a TJ fan too. :)
  11. Please add to waiting list - know it's a slim chance... but thanks!
  12. Based in Bedfordshire and on my 5th Jeep, (four on them Wranglers), I'm currently 'nursing' a 1997 TJ 2.5L Sport that was in need of some TLC. Hoping to get on to some of the event this year and meeting some club members. Regards, Phill.

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