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  1. And some pictures... Notice the point I forgot I wasn't in the Wrangler and had to be towed off where I had beached it. Steve.
  2. Had a great day - thanks for organising it. I was a bit nervous about doing this in the Renegade - had to keep remembering it doesn't have the ground clearance of the Wrangler. Failed once and got it beached. Other than that the performance was very good. Sally now wants to do the course in the TJ. A bit of video of the Renegade on the course:
  3. Excellent - I'm all paid up Looking forward to seeing everyone Steve.
  4. sabconsulting

    Where is my snow?

    So this year - this is me parked at a UK ski slope You can tell from all the snow, obviously.
  5. The EU appeared to have published details of the various Euro standards in late 2001. I imagine some vehicle manufacturers designing their engines at that point may have decided to adjust their designs to make them compliant with Euro-4 immediately to save making later changes when they became mandatory. Other manufacturers may have waited until they absolutely had to do it. Probably depends where in the development cycle they were. A friend pointed out that his BMW was Euro-6 although it was built well before the standard came into force. Another friend bought a 2016 Ranger 3.2 and discovered to his annoyance that despite being a 16 plate vehicle it was not compliant because the government allowed some leeway for vehicles built before the regulations applied to be sold - I guess his had sat in a car park for months before it was first registered. So I guess the inconsistency is with the manufacturers, not the regulations. Steve.
  6. sabconsulting

    First Jeep

    Not sure the WC-52 really counts Tim, but bonus points for including it . Unfortunately I don't have any photos of our first Jeep - was just a regular Cherokee 4.0 automatic in that nice metallic blue they did. Steve.
  7. Either a Saturday or Sunday for breakfast is good for me - just depends on the date. Steve.
  8. A breakfast meet-up would be cool. Steve.
  9. sabconsulting

    Winchmax Winches

    Customer service is a big plus on something like a winch which may need maintenance / repairs in future. I have had a Goodwinch for years from David Bowyer and have had good service from them. Steve.
  10. The moment a designer starts using the word "urban" in the context of 4x4s they need a slap, because we all know what the end result is - usually something with front wheel drive and lots of added plastic to give it "attitude" and a brochure full of marketing buzz words to try to pretend it is a proper vehicle. Buy yes, I can see them working out how to re-style a Panda 4x4 as a Jeep - not that the Panda isn't a good vehicle - my wife uses hers to do the sheep and it was brilliant in the steep hills in the snow. Steve.
  11. As those above have said, many thanks for the great write-up. Sally has already said she would love one at some point to replace the Panda 4x4, although she has got used to the acceleration and handling of the little turbo Panda so it will be a difficult change, but not one we would make for a while Steve.
  12. So. What was it like to drive? (the Jimny, not the Traing ) Steve.
  13. That's great - will be loads cheaper (and more comfortable) getting there from Wycombe in the Renegade. TJ can have a day off Steve.
  14. sabconsulting

    NATO hitch

    Maybe because mine were older I found they needed regular lubrication to keep them rotation and opening / closing smoothly. Looked the right piece of kit on some of my previous 4x4s, but these days I have a combined tow ball and pin on the 4x4 camper, and a 2" receiver hitch which accepts a milled steel insert to take a 3/4" shackle. Steve.
  15. sabconsulting

    Some more pics of the new Defender

    Interesting and slightly disappointing all in one go. A few things we can see: LR have put a fake bonnet and used cardboard or similar under the wrap to disguise the shape of the roof line, bonnet line and waste-line below the front windows. Clearly independent suspension, which will be great for the majority of lifestyle owners who will love the ride and handling and will never get into any axle-twisters anyway. It looks like it might have air suspension (black cylinder visible above the lower wishbone) - that would make sense - I imagine it is shown at normal road ride height, but you would want a much higher ride height to compete with the outgoing Defender. The body panels have wheel arches pressed into the metal (probably aluminium) rather than the outgoing Defender's plastic wheel-arch extensions. The wheel arch liners appear to have been brought out to line the outside edge of the wheel arch by about an inch to provide some protection and an offroad look. There are indents on the side-opening rear door which might be mounting points for a spare wheel. Slightly disappointing removable rear tow hook - not quite a NATO tow hitch mounting. The silencer assembly is very vulnerable. I wonder if that is simply a make shift one that will be replace by something more discrete (and also guarded). Steve.

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