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  1. sabconsulting

    Winchmax Winches

    Customer service is a big plus on something like a winch which may need maintenance / repairs in future. I have had a Goodwinch for years from David Bowyer and have had good service from them. Steve.
  2. That's great - will be loads cheaper (and more comfortable) getting there from Wycombe in the Renegade. TJ can have a day off Steve.
  3. sabconsulting

    NATO hitch

    Maybe because mine were older I found they needed regular lubrication to keep them rotation and opening / closing smoothly. Looked the right piece of kit on some of my previous 4x4s, but these days I have a combined tow ball and pin on the 4x4 camper, and a 2" receiver hitch which accepts a milled steel insert to take a 3/4" shackle. Steve.
  4. Hi Stewart, If you still have space I'm pretty interested in attending. Probably won't bring the TJ, but looks like a lot of it would be suitable for a bit of slightly tamer fun in the Renegade Steve.
  5. sabconsulting

    Newbie from London

    Hi Nils and welcome. A short wheelbase JL will be fine for London. But as others have pointed out it will be expensive to buy. Diesels tend to work well with 4x4s, but bear in mind people are turning away from them, so selling them afterwards could result in a loss. Be aware that once you have a Wrangler you will want to modify it - a lot - and that may not be compatible with leasing. The other thing is, the Renegade is great to drive on the road. It drives like a luxury car - great ride, great handling, great driving position, really easy to drive... Although a JL will be an evolutionary improvement in refinement compared to earlier generations of solid-axle, ladder-chassis Wranglers, those offroad characteristics will still mean it is a world away from the road-biased Renegade with its fully independent suspension and monocoque construction. I have a Wrangler and a Renegade and they are worlds apart. So test drive a JL carefully in London traffic - consider whether you will want this as your only vehicle when in stop / start London traffic or manoeuvring into tight spaces that need a lot of steering lock. Consider whether the novelty will wear off quickly during your everyday commute before you commit to spending a lot of money. If you have sufficient parking I recommend buying another 4x4 now just to play with. An old Cherokee will do. You can cheaply modify it to be good offroad. You can learn skills on a less capable vehicle (always the best way), a vehicle that you don't mind damaging, and learn for yourself what you want from a 4x4. When your PCP expires with the experience gained you will know 100% what you want. It might be a nice clean JL, or you may have got sick of 4x4 and want a Porsche or you may want to keep a regular car as run-around and start building a very offroad biased Jeep. Good luck with your decisions, and take your time. Steve.
  6. I'm in Wycombe, but if there is a meet near Windsor could bring one of the Jeeps along for a pint if I'm around (I travel a lot for work). Steve.
  7. sabconsulting

    More Jeepage

    Being now officially old, I got sick of the discomfort of driving my Fiesta ST. Sally, having been impressed by her FCA Panda 4x4, convinced me that having a third FCA vehicle in the fleet would be sensible. Hence a new addition to the fleet. I test drove a used Renegade Limited (I quote fancied the auto). It was lovely. I test drove another and the auto box wasn't as good. I also didn't like the chrome / bling / leather on the Limited (which inevitably the autos are). I thought about Trail Hawks, but they were even more money, and frankly when I choose to do serious offroading I reach for the keys to the modified TJ - I'm not taking my work car! The dealers tried to sell me year-old 'tough mudder' but I don't want a load of graphics boasting of a sport I don't do - plus I would be paying through the nose for the depreciation of a 1 year old car. So on a whim I found a Longitude 2.0 diesel manual 4x4 to try (seriously - it is a Jeep - I'm not buying a FWD model and being out - offroaded by Sally's Panda!). The smooth low down torque of the diesel and clean gear change meant I was happy not to spend the extra money on an auto. Wow, what a lovely car to drive. Steve.
  8. This is exactly the sort of unintended consequence of badly thought out 'safety' modifications. I suspect many such modifications are more focused on reducing corporate liability / reputation damage than to actually prevent death or injury. Steve.
  9. sabconsulting

    Recovery points

    The big issue with tow balls for me is strops / shackles slipping off them under tension. People get stuck in holes or dips and someone tries to pull them out from above with a strop looped over the ball. Steve.
  10. Certainly interested since it is pretty local to us. But depends on the exact date. Steve.
  11. I think this was Stewart going through one of the deeper water obstacles on Saturday...
  12. Mine seemed relatively clean - until I started scooping bucketfuls of mud from underneath it. Strangely I didn't see much evidence of Sally's promise to help clean the Jeep. Anyway, many thanks for organising a great weekend Stewart and team. We really enjoyed it. Steve & Sally.
  13. Yes, we were eyeing up the 3pm check-in time, so will probably see you there then. Planning to drive down early and do a walk and a picnic somewhere - make the most of the petrol we are burning through :glasses: Cheers, Steve.
  14. Hi, Looking forward to this weekend. :icon_mrgreen: Just to confirm - the plan is to meet up at 16:00 by the Holiday Inn, Solstice Park? Are there any contact details we should have for the day, in case anyone has a problem? Cheers, Steve.

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