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  1. Hello i didntt make Slinton cause the LJ wasn’t finished but MOT ed now so can you put my name down, it’s a rest site with lots of good memories.. Nick
  2. Nickp

    My JKU Build

    Hi Matt after having about 10 different jeeps over the years and some very special ones ( TJ Rubicon was a peach and tomb raider was nice) I with you on your change I like the whole TJ concept albeit the Grand Cherokee is a good overland Vehicle which I do hold close. Spend time doing research and I was advised that when you start drastically changing things it’s not easy and to stick to one manufacturer which is near impossible so I think I’ve done the opposite. I was disappointed that no one in the club was interested in my dana 44’s front and rear with factory lockers and the 241 Rubicon transfer case which has got to be the jewel but it’s gone to a mate that’s going to build a right hand drive Rubicon but he’s in the trade and probably sell it for £25k like my old Rubicon which he gave me £14k for 3 years ago and sold for £25k this year ! i wish you the best with the build but believe me it becomes a cash vacuum
  3. Nickp

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Engine gearbox and transfer case is in just the plumbing to sort out and the exhaust and props...
  4. Nickp

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Hi I couldn’t find anyone that make the gauges the same diameter to fit a customised jeep pod . The speedo is from the sender in the Atlas I had it set up that way. autoguage do a kit but the fuel gauge has the wrong resistance for the sensor so I couldn’t but the kit which made it more expensive and I don’t want to change the fuel tank at this stage as I want to see if the LS could do with improved delivery before I vomit to anything plus I want to sort out the interior and exterior first. like any project it’s ended up a proper cash Vac . But all in its mine and so different from a Range Rover Sport ! Ha !
  5. Nickp

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Just sorted the gauge pod to work with the engine and an improvement on the original Nick
  6. Nickp

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Thanks for your expertise experience and advice
  7. Nickp

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Clearly an interesting subject and as ever many different opinions , I’ll stuck to the 2 speed and the crawl rate I’ll have with the V8 nick
  8. Nickp

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Hi the NV4500 is very heavy but about the best you get for this application, the clutch came with the kit from Advanced Adaptors. The 4 speed Atlas is not needed with the torque of the LS unless I was doing the Dakar Rally.I think the biggest headache so far has been the gauges but think I’ve sorted that one .
  9. Nickp

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Slowly but steady all bolted together
  10. Nickp

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Thanks for the advice but I think I’m on it , your engine is a different set up to mine I believe, I’ve got all th e kit I need so will be going for the single pipe set up and I’m sure it will be fine , I don’t want it to sound like two four cylinder engines ..
  11. Nickp

    The Black Pearl

    Hi I’d carefully consider the Hutchinson bead lock wheels they are primarily manufactured for the US military and believe they have stopped selling them to the public so fair play if you have a set . But the problem you’re going to experience is the weight with wheels your larger tyres , they have a habit of smashing axles. I run mine with dana 60’s and 1 tin knuckles Sounds good! Nick
  12. Nickp

    Unlimited Rubicon LJ

    Hi well here it is the LS3 crate engine all ready to go with 500 ponies should have the mechanicals finished soon just the body and armour to sort out then nick then I can concentrate on fitting the 6” iron rock lift and four point rear on the grand Cherokee WJ V8
  13. Nickp

    Wrangler TJ chevy small block V8

    Hi Lewis My LJ is 2005 and I couldn’t remember the 2002 rule but went for the LS3 due to emissions problem as initially I wanted to put an old Chey engine into it .I also got most of my kit from Advanced Adaptors and they are very helpful having done this for decades. nick
  14. Nickp

    Wrangler TJ chevy small block V8

    Hi was just wondering the power output if the Chevy and the size tyres and axle combination if you are not running an AX15 gearbox with some decent power you will have major problems with that as well depending which TJ you have you may have a Dana 44 on the back but over 250bhp and 33” is a recipe for desaster plus as my previous post you would be okay putting and old Chey carb engine in a CJ but you won’t pass the emitions at an MOt even with and after market efi unless you have the whole thing inspected but they will fail it on your brakes if they are not upgraded ... it’s not as simple as in the 70’s just dropping in a bigger powerful engine and it cost serious dollar would have perhaps going or 4.7 hoV8 I’ve just got one for a TJ but my LJ is going LS3 with Dana 60, everything changed in the drivetrain and it’s serious dollar .. please let me know how you progress Nick

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