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  1. Hi all, well with ongoing issues with my WJ, I don't think it will be sorted before the 21st. So on that note I am happy to pass my place on to someone with a working vehicle! lol. I don't know the procedure for doing this so please let me know. Cheers
  2. Hi all, please count me in, particularly as I paid last night, lol
  3. Badger1966

    Commander Info Please

    Awesome, thanks for your replies :icon_e_biggrin: I will check out Jeepey.com. Hopefully I would hear any whine from the axles on a test drive. And as for swirl motors, egr valves, glow plugs and modules I guess I would only know if there was a warning light on the dash. But I would make one of the first jobs after buying to clean the egr anyway. I've had a couple of diesels now and always clean the egr every 10000 miles. It does make a difference. I guess I could always check the glow plugs with a multimeter before I buy as well :icon_e_biggrin: And your right, black with limo tint is the way I want to go! Although the ones I have seen seem to have like a cream? or grey interior. I want a black interior. Well lets see what happens. Thanks again for your replies. Cheers
  4. Badger1966

    Commander Info Please

    Hello all :wav2 I'm completely new to Jeep, but I am seriously considering buying a Commander. My wife wants a bigger car, so after much research the Commander has caught my attention! I can't find anything that seems better value for money. And I actually like the look of it :icon_e_biggrin: Also only slightly bigger than the Grand Cherokee but has the 7 seat option. Great. My only concern is that I really don't know much, if anything about Jeeps. So before I make a huge mistake I was hoping some one here would be kind enough to give me a list of things to look out for when I go to buy. I've looked around the site but can't really find things to look out for, or be aware of. Well it's good to be here, and I thank you all in advance. Badger.

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