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  1. hi fenton yep I could be up for it mate just depends on dates , maybe my lad too .
  2. well that's me payed up gone from maybe to going lol

    Happy New Year

    have a great fun filled 2019 everyone
  4. well looks like my diesel commander 2007 comes in at euro 4 .don't know if that's good or bad ,o'well im not going to take it into London anytime soon anyway
  5. sorry jim wont be able to make it this time ,my rota puts me into work that weekend .
  6. yes jim im interested too mate , just need to check my days off when you get a definite day.
  7. hi Andrew welcome aboard :wav2
  8. here you go taz , twin piston , (ceramic) use it regular mate on my 32's and the lads and anyone else who needs it at the time , fast too and has been reliable to date . around 65 quid not sure on price now , :great:
  9. nice one taz hope it does the trick :great:
  10. RAIDER


    hi garry welcome . :wav2
  11. hi scott welcome to the club , sorry im no help to you :icon_eek:
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