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  1. Great day out never took many pictures, sadly I had to pull out at lunchtime due to the ac compressor/clutch deciding to go up in smoke thought the safest option would be to bow out while the going was good and head home in daylight just in case we lost the serpentine belt in the forest . happily dad and I got home without incident and the parts are ordered to rectify the fault .. Back to it's shiny self
  2. Hotwheels


    it's handy even for the oils needed to service them I buy all the correct oils and filters but get my garage to do the work
  3. Hotwheels


    Keep this page bookmarked it's all you really need to keep your knowledge up http://www.wkjeeps.com/wk_maintenance.htm 3.0CRD is covered to and all drivetrain examples
  4. Hotwheels

    What first and can i get hold of them !

    Lift is needed before you can get bigger tyres either a spacer lift from rough country as I have or an Old man emu springs and shocks if your pockets are deeper.. you'll need to look at upgrading the upper control arms if you do. This is mine
  5. Hotwheels

    Seven months of GC Trailhawk ownership

    Nice write up I wonder whats changed in the seats to make them so different
  6. Booking made and paid no excuses this year I'll be there
  7. Hotwheels

    commander winch bumper

    So much awesome in one post .. looks fantastic on there
  8. Hotwheels

    TJ rebuild so far

    :gasp: :gasp: :gasp: Awesome !!!
  9. Hotwheels

    Hi all

    Morning Brian welcome to the Madness, nice JK :icon_rr:
  10. Hotwheels

    Another New Jeep Initiate

    I saw the build on Buzz Racing's facebook page I must say it really made my jaw drop ... what a transformation welcome to the group and enjoy your Jeep
  11. Hotwheels

    my renny....growing up

    Very smart .. nice to see one out in the Wild
  12. Hotwheels

    Renegade Replacement

    absolutely Stunning enjoy it
  13. Hotwheels


    they are lovely aren't they :glasses:
  14. Hotwheels

    There's a 6.4 Hemi in the house

    :gasp: Very Nice Indeed ...
  15. Hotwheels

    Hello there

    Hi and welcome maybe a silly reply but have you checked transmission fluid levels it may just be a pressure issue with low fluids

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