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  1. Hotwheels

    My WK2 Cute Friendly Giant.

    slightly luckier with the commander as the roof rails meet the rear grab handles
  2. Hotwheels

    My WK2 Cute Friendly Giant.

    I don't know how many times I've thought about the same idea but could never get my head round how to go about it... I tilt my virtual cap in your direction for pulling this off. I'd thought about one for either side of the rear to for reversing /work lights
  3. Hotwheels

    Buzz Racing Vehicle Builds

    that looks like fun
  4. Hotwheels

    My WK2 Cute Friendly Giant.

    My Van ^^^^^^^^ looks good another option if you don't want to get side steps is the plastic trim on the sill has a decent void behind it so a few flush fits would work in there
  5. Hotwheels

    My WK2 Cute Friendly Giant.

    Excellent.. I'm the same I enjoy wiring but the old school way I have a big stereo install in my van and over 100 marker lights for show time but the canbus Jeep annoys the hell out of me
  6. Hotwheels


    they have a tendency to do this if the front seats heve been moved check and see that plugs are tight under there first
  7. Hotwheels

    My WK2 Cute Friendly Giant.

    looking good liking the usb idea too did you take power from the roof consule or did you piggy back a fuse elsewhere ?
  8. Hotwheels

    My WK2 Cute Friendly Giant.

    I know what you're saying but my neighbours would be more likely to be checking the obituaries if they never saw me washing mine on any given Sunday lol
  9. Hotwheels

    My WK2 Cute Friendly Giant.

    awesome work so far ans excellent updates thank you ... we just need a picture now of your new wheels fitted
  10. Great day out never took many pictures, sadly I had to pull out at lunchtime due to the ac compressor/clutch deciding to go up in smoke thought the safest option would be to bow out while the going was good and head home in daylight just in case we lost the serpentine belt in the forest . happily dad and I got home without incident and the parts are ordered to rectify the fault .. Back to it's shiny self
  11. Hotwheels


    it's handy even for the oils needed to service them I buy all the correct oils and filters but get my garage to do the work
  12. Hotwheels


    Keep this page bookmarked it's all you really need to keep your knowledge up http://www.wkjeeps.com/wk_maintenance.htm 3.0CRD is covered to and all drivetrain examples
  13. Thanks for an awesome review this point stands out for me too I'm jeep to the core but i the past my wife had a swb Grand Vitara in 3 years of ownership I only replaced a taillight bulb I certainly can't fault Suzuki's reliability. I will certainly be interested in a Jimny when the day comes to finally say goodbye to my Commander
  14. Hotwheels

    What first and can i get hold of them !

    Lift is needed before you can get bigger tyres either a spacer lift from rough country as I have or an Old man emu springs and shocks if your pockets are deeper.. you'll need to look at upgrading the upper control arms if you do. This is mine
  15. Booking made and paid no excuses this year I'll be there

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