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  1. Yellow

    Shipping Out

    Looking good Mick, love the red, would be my choice after my blue I really like your rear bumper, what is it?
  2. Yellow

    Jeep obsession

    I understand that, I've always been a big fan of the TJs, was the first one I drove - but space was what I needed, so a JKU was the only option for me
  3. Yellow

    Jeep obsession

    If you're looking for the longer wheelbase, what's wrong with an old JK? I'd imagine a lot easier to get hold of one, I know quite a few great ones on the market. Unless you're hellbent on going for a TJ?
  4. Looks really good mate - is that the new GP7?
  5. Just checked and my Bike is also in the clear - won't be making any use of either of my vehicles being exempt though...
  6. My 2.8crd JKU (2016 registered, probably 2015) is exempt, so no issues for me chugging around London if I ever decide I want to.
  7. Nice Renegade, but sorry its ALL WRONG! How dare you put JAM ON TOP! What kind of barbarian are you? Everyone knows that you need to use Cornish clotted cream, and the cream goes on top...
  8. Yellow

    2018 Off Road with the JOC

    Great pictures Tim, really making the most of your Jeeps
  9. Yellow

    Matt's JK

    Yet another good review on the KM3s... tempting
  10. Yellow

    Guess how this happened !

    Speed bump?
  11. Yellow

    same jeep, new color

    Looks stunning, what a great colour change!
  12. Yellow

    Jeep for home defence

    A shame for the Jeep, but very brave - but could have gone so much worse Sadly such a common occurrence in SA, and getting worse. A lot of my best friends over there starting families now are starting to leave because of it
  13. Yellow

    Jeep Wave

    I wave at all wranglers, and XJs (especially modded ones) as they are my favourites, and I do generally get a wave back. If I didn't get a wave from a wrangler, it generally has "Chelsea Truck Co" on the spare wheel cover, so I don't worry too much about that. I tend to wave at XJs still because they wave back, and I think people running an XJ still are in it because they love Jeeps (I expect its the same for other models too, but I've not noticed as much) Tons of waves back and forth with other brands modded too though
  14. Yellow

    Police Renegade on News

    I'd assume that's the renegade in swindon from THWhites, think they had just put it out when I bought my Wrangler from there
  15. Yellow

    Finally bit the bullet....

    I'm alive Tim, just been playing around with my 2 wheeled toy in between work! I have the same tailgate table as you, its great just a little slippery if you park on a slope - keep hold of your beers!

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