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  1. TimC

    off road thursday 20th Dec

    Wayfarer is a long old drive from Strata Florida though isn't it Stew? Up nearish to Bala? One to do on a N. Wales trip unless you are making a few days of it I'd have thought.
  2. TimC

    off road thursday 20th Dec

    ...are you planning on doing it in a day - drive over to Wales, do Strata Florida (only) and drive back or are you stopping over somewhere?
  3. TimC

    off road thursday 20th Dec

    It's really good to see somebody just putting up an "anybody fancy doing a green lane" post now and again and I'd love to join you on Strata Florida ……...sadly, like John, I am fully occupied running around trying to tie up loose ends at work before Christmas all this week so can't . Hope you get a few people take you up on it, sounds like it will be good ( if rather chilly! ) keep us posted if you go again next year. Cheers
  4. A great JKU Rubicon and for less than a new JL. With Stewart’s JK as well that’s two very serious Wranglers on the market!
  5. I think you can do either. Accommodation you arrange yourself you can book a local hotel or I think there may be campsites which are recommended, see the website.
  6. TimC

    Matt's JK

    Looks really good now Matt, those tyres certainly do make a difference. Anvil is a great colour too, btw, I had not noticed the number plate before, that new too?
  7. TimC

    Thetford Forest Recce

    Hi Jim, the December dates I can't make, Jan 5th and 6th are a possibility. Happy to help out with any input/ideas if that is useful even if I can't make the recce itself. Cheers Tim
  8. TimC

    My JKU Build

    Wow, sounds like a Project! Looking forward to seeing the build thread on that one
  9. TimC

    Summer Camp 2019

    So is summer camp going to be in South Australia next year then Stewart? Although that would be great it’s not really fair is it? Could we meet half way? South Africa maybe?
  10. TimC

    Thetford Forest Recce

    Looks like I might be able to do the 8th, will check and let you know. Cheers
  11. TimC

    Thetford Forest Recce

    Ooooooh.....could be tempted Jim , not really any local knowledge though and December looks like it will be a busy month for me. What dates were you thinking?
  12. TimC

    Summer Camp 2019

    Long past the days of having to fit things around school holidays Jim!
  13. Dear Jamie, No, for what it’s worth I don’t think you have it valued too high. I take it you are asking this because you haven’t had any interest? However my analysis is not, unfortunately, based on any in depth knowledge of the used XJ market, it’s just the sort of figure, kind of sub £2K that, if it were me wanting one ( which I do but.....) I would be looking to pay for one in reasonable nick. Hope this helps. Cheers Tim
  14. TimC

    Surrey hills

    Can't say you're not keen Terry ! Nothing like getting your name down before the event is even announced! ….not sure you could really get much of a better turn out though, it's a green lane trip so numbers are bound to be limited, unlike a club P&P where there's really no limit, you can only really run a small number of small groups and the number of groups you can run depends on the number of people prepared to lead and the size and geography of the area. This year (2018) on Surrey hills we had two groups of 4 which meant two club leads with space for six members Jeeps. In the end, if I recall, the two club leads had to drop out so it ended up with the members running it as one group of six which was 100% attendance on the available spaces, which was as many as could reasonably be taken on one trip. With green lanes the way to get better availability would be to run more small trips, more spread out, not to try and cram more people onto the small number of trips there are.
  15. TimC

    Wrangler YJ Parts Wanted

    They are two different breakers: ACD based in Oswaltwistle www.chryslerbreakers.co.uk, Charlton 4x4 breakers based in Duxford www.charltonautoparts.co.uk. I have had parts from both. ACD supplied me a KJ auto gearbox for about £500, Charlton I’ve had various YJ bits from including a complete body tub. Both were pretty good and reasonably priced ( I thought). However I guess YJ parts from scrap vehicles must be getting pretty scarce these days so I’d imagine that’s pushing the prices up. The other place you could try is Lighthouse Jeep Parts www.lighthousejeepparts.co.uk based in Norfolk, they are very good and will probably have, or be able to get most of the parts you need including the body panels, not too sure about the transfer case though. I suppose you’ve already tried EBay, lots of random stuff comes up on there but it’s pot luck. Importing from the States is usually not a problem, don’t forget you’ll have to add VAT, import duty and clearance fees as well though and $100 seems on the cheap side for shipping a transfer case, does depend how they ship it though, if you are in a hurry or not. What exactly was your “little accident” by the way?

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