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  1. Can you add me to the list for this one please Jim
  2. TimC

    Dog Hair!

    Well said Neal...………..I have found that if possible, one should not resent the hairs, the chewed seat belts, the mud, the scratched interior etc because there comes a time when you would give anything to have that back again
  3. TimC

    CJ-5 1978 in E15 Stratford

    …….oh and by the way, if you have a CJ you will need this: Lighthouse Jeep Parts We carry a large stock of hard to find parts for most Jeep models. To contact us, please call 01953 681237 with your enquiries. Our address: Lighthouse Jeep Parts Nethergate Street Hopton Diss Norfolk IP22 2RD Phone: 10953 681237 Fax: 01953 681261
  4. TimC

    CJ-5 1978 in E15 Stratford

    ……..well I wouldn't say "a lot" exactly Jim, there are one or two , and as if to immediately prove me wrong we get two CJ5 questions posted within a week! Blimey. Welcome to the club Nath I have not done a full rewiring on a CJ, just bits and bobs as they needed it, I've tried to leave the wiring alone as once you start mucking about in 40 year old wiring everything seems to pack up. However I understand that you can buy full complete made up wiring looms for the CJ ( from the US obvs ) which I think would probably be the best way to go if you wanted to do that. How specific they are to model, year and engine though I don't know. I can't remember the name of the supplier, will see if I can search it out. Best of luck with your CJ5 Cheers Tim
  5. TimC

    Snow day

    Post up some pics if you go, would be good to see.
  6. TimC

    New Member Falkirk area

    Can’t say that I’ve heard anyone slagging other makes of 4X4s on this forum , oh.....except for me I did say the Fiat Fullback was one of the worst vehicles I’ve ever ever driven......but, honestly it was, don’t have anything against pickups or Fiat in general though. Lots of people run other makes as well as Jeeps and I agree, they all have their strengths and weaknesses and obviously there is always some generally good natured banter between Jeep & Landrover in both directions. Anyhoo, welcome to the Club Grant, hope you enjoy your V8 WK
  7. TimC

    Snow day

    Cool, . You should give Coach Road a go, it’s a lovely drive and now it’s had the repair work done not as tricky as it used to be. Shouldn’t give your Jeep any trouble I would think.
  8. ...I see a lift and more ground clearance on the horizon
  9. I could be up for that, no preferred dates, just pick one. Cheers
  10. How many was the total Jeeps registered in the end Jim?
  11. TimC

    Snow day

    Old Coach Road then?? How are you liking the new surface?
  12. Great to see a YJ there, you and the CJ7 flying the flag for the old school , 9 hour drive in a 2.5 YJ can’t have been easy either
  13. Don’t go by the website, it’s really just to give contact info so you can phone them up. If you remember the guys there they have a load of parts and even more knowledge but old school, well worth a call if you need anything pre JK. Highly recommended
  14. Hope to be able to make it down tomorrow for a while and try and hit the 50. Will pay on the gate. Cheers Tim

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