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  1. V

    Some more pics of the new Defender

    And in a few months Land Rover will alienate a huge number of their loyal ex-customers that love the old Defender by putting on sale their poor excuse of a namesake leaching off its heritage. Thousands of ex-customers all going through the same feelings of rejection not quite sure wether or not to hate Land Rover for their disloyalty or to wait and see if this is a just a moment of manufacturer madness. They wont stop loving their old Defenders, they will keep them going for as long as they can. Some will move on quickly, others will stick around for twenty years or so making a noise to try to get Land Rover to return to their roots. Eventually they will realise it is a lost cause and see that the path to their own happiness is their choice and not Land Rover's.
  2. This Fiat 500 needs further work on the CofG but has an interesting secret underneath.
  3. I'd be happy with that. Same colours as my old Mindy. Are the tassles for keeping flies off the passengers? I was expecting a mini-Jeep to look more like this... Hopefully it will be more like this...
  4. If it's a 'real' Jeep and not just a car with a Jeep badge then I am sure it will capture the interest of enthusiasts. Have they built a concept yet?
  5. They told us the initial allocation was 600, they didn't say total allocation. I am not sure if it was a journo or a Suzuki team person that mentioned more arriving before the end of the year. They said during the marketing presentation that the previous model was selling a minimum of 1,000 units a year without any marketing. So I guess 600 is guaranteed, and another batch is hopeful based on previous sales volume. Suzuki certainly made a point by saying the first 600 will go quickly and it will be a while before they get more. They are going to be thousands of vehicles short of satisfying demand next year.
  6. V

    My JKU Build

    Stretching the wheelbase is definitely worth the effort. The XJ's 101.4" is perfect on 35" tyres so if you are aiming for 100"-104" on 35s or 37s I am sure you will be happy with the improvement of the stretch on your TJ. A tip from my hard earned experience: Long arm suspensions unload really easy. It doesn't matter if they are 3 or 4 link. Nose stands, pointing at the sky and freaky side slope angles will develop your butt muscles. After 2-years of tyring to get used to it I found the cure. Six point limit straps. A limit strap for each shock, with the length set to just allow contact with the shock's internal bumpstop stopped ripping the shocks from the mounts. But the most important are the centre of axle limit straps, one at the mid point of each axle. Tune the length to the same as what the axle position would be with one wheel fully stuffed and the other at full droop. This will limit both sides unloading simultaneously to full droop without compromising articulation. I think the central limit straps have a more noticeable affect the longer the wheelbase. I did my XJ first and will always add them to a long arm Jeep. We sold the TJ before I equipped it with limit straps and I think that if the straps were not sufficiently effective at stock TJ wheelbase manually controlled suck down winches would have done the trick. I don't have a rear anti-roll bar on my XJ but I wish I did. I was intending to fit electrically disconnecting sway-bars from a Rubicon but Jeep put the price up after realising they missed a zero off the end. If you can lock up at least one anti-roll bar on a side slope when you need to it will help but the Jeep has to be level to do that, easy enough to get out to rock the body over. A Currie Anti-Rock in the rear works wonders and is a good compromise. Again. I wish I had the foresight to do this at the beginning. One last tip: Keep the Centre of Gravity as low as you can get it. Shed the hard top, no roof racks or roof tents, or tyre carriers with high mounted jacks or fuel cans. Keep the CofG low and it will handle like a sportscar.
  7. Hmm... byways you could do in a hovercraft.
  8. I had a reasonably high expectation beforehand simply because I have driven many green lanes in Jeeps with friends driving their Suzukis. I was surprised that the Jimnys were completely stock down to the factory fitted road tyres. The woodland course was tight and the ground was muddy and sloppy in places. I would probably get my XJ through it, but I wouldn't be able to make all the bends without having to use reverse unlike the Jimny that got round the tight turns with ease. There were crossaxle obstacles on the course that I really didn't think I could get the Jimny through with three adults onboard, but it had the articulation and traction control to keep the vehicle moving. I reckon anyone that couldn't recognise the obstacle from the driving seat wouldn't have known they had negotiated it if it were not for the noises made by the traction control system. I have driven quite a few stock Jeeps offroad with similar size 27" tyres and it is a satisfying feeling to accomplish even basic obstacles. I could see ahead what I was driving into and visualise in my mind what was happening underneath with the suspension. I was expecting to get it stuck but it just kept on going, mostly just on tickover. I stalled it a lot partly because the engine was too quiet, and partly because I was clipping the brake with my boot when pivoting my foot on my heel to squeeze the accelerator. Where the Jimny lost forward traction it was all down to me. On my second round, I got more used to the tiny engine. I felt comfortable and confident with the Jimny's capability that my butt did not clench the seat during my off road drive. I left the course wishing I could have spent many more hours driving there. I appreciated the technical nature of the obstacles that Suzuki set up. The Jimny did such a good job of ironing it out I wonder if other drivers really appreciated how good the little machine was. I would be delighted to own one, not lease, but own one out right for all of its useful life. The Jimny doesn't have the modification potential of a JL Wrangler but it works amazingly well straight out of the box and the entire vehicle costs less than what I would spend on Wrangler modifications alone. I quickly measured tyre clearances and I reckon that it could take 30" tyres with some rubbing in the front or 235/75R15 (29") with ease. The few off-road extras I would add, nobody makes yet so there's a business opportunity for me. I really want one, but with 11,000 potential UK buyers already jostling over the UK's 1,200 vehicle allocation for 2019 I will have to wait some time. At least I can take my time to decide on a colour or even wait to save some money buying used when the first batch come off-lease. £15.5K for the Jimny on summer tyres, £750 for a set of five new MTs on an extra set of wheels, and another £700 for a set of winter tyres on wheels, job done. I feel sad that Jeep doesn't make a real 4x4 that competes head to head with the new Jimny on all levels as it would probably be my first choice being a Jeep guy. However, I have accepted that I'm not a customer they want any more and I'm OK with that. I'm so glad Suzuki is still in this niche even if they have underestimated global demand for this delightful vehicle. The attention to detail afforded to off roaders also extends to the towing capacity. Rated at 1200Kg it can legally tow another 1135Kg Jimny on public roads (byways) if needed.
  9. I had my offroad day in a new Jimny today. Strangely, It made me remember a day from my childhood when I had my first ever experience of a pedal car. It was in a toy shop in Amersham during the late 1960's. The pedal cars were all steel back then and they had that feel of being a solid, well built and long lasting toy. The shop keeper was happy for me to pedal the Triang racing car up and down the length of the store more than once but then it came to the time when my mum had to drag me out of the shop to do the rest of the shopping. I felt a bit like that today when I had to give the Jimny back. Funny how a test drive can bring back a memory from fifty years ago. I did eventually get my own steel pedal car to whiz around at home. Mum said "Good things come to those that can wait". Not mine, but one just like it.
  10. V

    Project XJ

    Have you got the drop dimensions and details of the supplier? They are very rare without the lean.
  11. V

    Project XJ

    The lower position on the track bar bracket would need a matching deeper pitman arm. The 6" lift height only comes into question if the TRE on the pitman arm starts binding. it could go to 8" lift with high steer knuckles. Very deep pitman arms made for LHD have the TRE joint face cranked over to favour the TRE. They don't work on RHD as they are cranked over the wrong way which binds the joint at not much more than static ride height.
  12. V

    same jeep, new color

    I like the colour change and the black grille. I've got bored with silver too.
  13. V

    Some more pics of the new Defender

    Here's a video from a British Land Rover mechanic in Quebec that makes his living from working on Defenders. He wonders what the new one will be like. It's a bit long, but I guess the penny is beginning to drop in Rover Land.
  14. V

    My JKU Build

    It might be more of a change than you think going from a long wheelbase JKU to short wheelbase TJ particularly if it is similarly modified. I hope the sale and the new purchase goes well for you. Are you buying a ready built TJ?
  15. V

    Talking of MPG.....

    Is that 20.7 MPG US Gallons or Imperial Gallons? To verify I switch the display to Metric L/100Km and convert that value then switch back to mpg if it is the right one (Imperial).

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