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  1. koning2e

    New in Hampshire

    Many thanks PTE. Looking forward to organising a meet up.
  2. koning2e

    New in Hampshire

    Great. Count me in. I am between Reading and Basingstoke in fact.
  3. koning2e

    New in Hampshire

    Thanks very much, and also for pointing me to the sponsors. I noticed the gps tracker 50% discount. Any experience with them?
  4. koning2e

    New in Hampshire

    Hi Alfredo, yes true. I keep looking around but none in my area except for one stock TJ I have seen around used by a local small business. I am in the Reading area.. Tony
  5. koning2e

    New in Hampshire

    Hello all, I am new to the forum as an active member, although I have visited many times before over recent years. This week I finally made the great commitment of owning my first TJ. It’s a childhood dream. I bought a 2004 Auto 4.0 which brought me big smiles as I drove it home! Here’s to meeting many of you at some you.
  6. koning2e

    Dreaming of my first Wrangler

    Great story. Thanks @Volant165 for sharing it as well as the photo!
  7. koning2e

    Dreaming of my first Wrangler

    Thanks for your input @IrishMick . And yes I have just learned that their jeeps come over from Japan. Will keep you all posted. Any thoughts on what year TJ to aim for? I am considering pre 2001. Which did you have and what was your experience of it?
  8. Hi there, for as long as I can remember I have always desired to own a Jeep Wrangler. I feel the time is near to finally make it happen. A TJ is my wish, equally a JLU would be amazing but prices are just so high. Perhaps a JKU is the answer. I love the lifted look. It would be my second car; used for off roading and road trips. A JKU or JLU would give me extra space, but a TJ is the one from my dreams . I am checking autotrader, and keep seeing TJs being sold by Atlan Motors in West Ruislip. Does anyone have experience dealing with them? I look forward to meeting some of you at future events. Tony

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