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  1. simon.meadows

    Tong Pay & Play Day 2nd Sept

    No real good pics of day but managed a full weekend of off-reading. We managed to get down to Stainby for the charity event on Saturday and Tong on Sunday. Tong was very hard. The rocks were dried into the ruts and the trees overgrown. The paintwork and wheels took a bit of a hammering but it was good to experience different conditions. I will try to find a couple of photos and load them up.
  2. simon.meadows

    Tong Pay & Play Day 2nd Sept

    I wish I had seen this, I live just 30mins away. I will try and get some time over the weekend, if only to see what this is all about and give to the charity. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hi everyone, just to fill the gap in events I am at Tong this weekend Sunday 2nd September. One of my clients bought me a voucher for a Pay & Play day at Tong, near Bradford. I have always enjoyed Tong with JOC and missed the last trip here. If anyone wants to join me or will be there and fancy a coffee and chat between treks around, please let me know or I will see you there. Simon
  4. simon.meadows

    Re: Hawkstone Park March 18th 2018

    Hi everyone. This was a great day, the slippery conditions made it so different from last year. Even a little bit of movement made the trees jump out in front, behind and beside you. We both enjoyed ourselves and as usual we learned something new. I had my hip operation on the Wednesday so this will be my last event for some months. The surgeon asked about my car when we talked about driving. When I showed him some photos he nearly fainted. He couldn’t believe I was still climbing in and out. I will struggle in and out of renegade for time being so my 75th will have to sit on the drive, lonely. If I have any photos when I get home I will post them up here. I shall miss all you guys, the friendliness and help fullness of everyone is what makes this club very special, and Stew and Jim and the other organisers too.
  5. It took me 2.5hrs to clean this, the muddiest I have ever been - great! :coolphotos:
  6. Our dogs were whacked too. So well behaved after spending another 4.5hrs in the car on the way home. Good to see you both again and hope fender clips back on okay. Simon & Angie
  7. Thanks to everyone for a great weekend. Even the dogs loved it. Thanks also to the two who pulled me out of this...
  8. Thanks. Looks good and wider than renegade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Eagerly waiting to see the Compass. I just hope the boot is big enough for our dog cage? See you all on the 4th. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I would be very interested and are looking to buy a compass. Just depends on the date Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. We missed this in 2017 so will be there this year. Just need to find a hotel when location sorted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. simon.meadows

    Parkwood 4x4 Sunday 20th May 2018

    Please put me down for this one, closest event to us so very glad to see it the schedule. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hotel booked and JOC all paid up too. Looking forward to our first trip to Slindon.
  14. Hotel all booked at the Travel Lodge nearby, who allow dogs. When will JOC payment be open? Looking forward to our first event of 2018! Simon
  15. simon.meadows

    Hawkstone Park March 18th 2018

    Please put me down for this one, well worth the trip. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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