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  1. KelvinJ

    Who makes the best brake pads?

    I posted this on a previous disk brake/pad thread... ”I looked into this quite abit after becoming peev’d at the amount of brake dust from the pads. From what I read on the majority of US sites upgrading the brakes is not necessary unless the tyres are huge.  As its a real trade off between stopping on a dime (as they put it) versus accelerated wear on your tyres. Most suggestions were to upgrade pads. Currently have Delphi pads I’ve decided upgraded to Brembos, from EUROCar parts, which are yet to be installed.  it was a flip of a coin between the Brembos and green stuff (after reviews read here) but the Jan sale offer swung it in favour of the Brembos. will let you know how they go!
  2. KelvinJ

    well Yesterday....

    Whilst attempting to adust the handbrake I found this useful. Nevertheless, I failed to remove the rotor. I think this is because I need to do what "V" suggested... If so, have you wound back the adjuster so that the shoes are completely loose and the handbrake no longer works. Although, I also discovered that its not necessary to remove the rotors to adjust the handbrake tension and can be done by: 1. removing the brake calipers. 2. remove rubber grommet to expose the star wheel.* *Take not, for UK/Europe imports the instructions to complete this are the opposite direction versus the US versions Ie.. when they describe the passenger seat adjustment the obvious mean UK/Euro drivers seat: https://www.wranglerforum.com/f274/how-to-adjust-parking-brake-165640.html Hope this of helps.
  3. KelvinJ

    Kelvin's JK

    I recently added this after struggling to source a Design 67 iPhone holder. Various parts purchased from Amazon. total cost: £25
  4. KelvinJ

    South Wales & West

    It’s run by bonkas 4x4 think it’s just the lanes...
  5. KelvinJ

    Kelvin's JK

    Let the de-Rusting commence! Krust for externals Dinitrol rc900 for internals - main frame and any inaccessible areas either inside or outside the vehicle. Once treated the plan is to use: 1. Black Hammerite underseal from the main body. 2. 5L Clear Waxoyl from frame cavity. - using waxoyl applicator canister. Any other suggestions welcomed. 3. HTP for the exhaust - https://www.toolstation.com/shop/Painting+%26+Decorating/d150/Spray+Paints/sd2737/High+Temperature+Spray+Paint+500ml/p64927
  6. KelvinJ

    WJ Steel Bumper Lights

    hi Bob, I bought these DRL fog lights from Ebay: 2x 4" 30W Cree Led Fog Light Halo Angle Eyes for 07-16 Jeep Wrangler JK TJ CJ Paid: £34.99 Works perfect + No Flicker
  7. KelvinJ

    My JKU Build

    Hi Matt, After reading this, it inspired me to look at several aspects of my jeep in particular the replacement of my shocks (also as the wife was complaining that the ride in the jeep was too bumpy.... So with only 40,000K on the OEM shocks I switched to Terrafirma adjustable shocks. http://jeepspares.com/ With 4 stage settings: Comfort, Standard, Firm and Sport.
  8. KelvinJ

    South Wales & West

    Just reviving this if anyone is interested in meeting up in South Wales/ the West? There is a Strata Florida meet on the 30th but I've a feeling that it could be very wet and more like canoeing than off roading. This is the area: https://my.viewranger.com/route/details/NjE4MQ==
  9. KelvinJ

    Kelvin's JK

    Just installed some additional footwell, underseat and cargo LED lights. I also upgraded the interior lights to be LED throughout. To be fair it was reasonably easy just struggled to find online info about which wiring to tie into to be able to use the steering column switch to turn on and off. When on auto the lights activate upon door opening/closing and with the alarm arm/disarm. Video: Products: White DRL LED light strips - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01FUEXZD4
  10. KelvinJ

    Matt's JK

    What did you choose in the end?
  11. KelvinJ

    Tuff Terrains ****RESCHEDULED****

    The rain has arrived = any news on this! I'm South Wales based and the jeep has seen mud for month ;-(
  12. KelvinJ

    South Wales & West

    Hi Stuart, I met some guys at the Quarry meet but sadly not had the chance to do much else. I drove all the way up to North Wales for the summer event but got left hanging in the wind as I could only get there for the Sunday. So all in all a bit frastrated
  13. KelvinJ

    Becoming a Jeep owner again

    I’ve got a jk and run 20” with no lift My tyres measure 33” height Here’s an interesting video about lift versus big wheels: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. KelvinJ

    Jack's Tank Green Rubicon Unlimited

    Ah sorry poorly phrased question - I have the boar handles. But wondering how to remove the roof as don’t have a garage Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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