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  1. Hi Jim could you put my name down please too. Due to my fathers health I’m not going to make Slindon tomorrow sadly. Hope to make the next event though. Especially after all the work and mods I have carried out on my WJ. Many thanks Bob
  2. Ok thanks for the answers guys cheers Bob
  3. Hi is this hotel or camping trip? cheers Bob
  4. Stitch4x4

    Conking Out WJ CRD

    Hi all I have a WJ CRD 2.7 2004 Last night driving home from Gatwick, I put my foot down, it hesitated and on came the engine management light and it died, I costed onto the hard shoulder and turned it off, I restarted and it was fine apart from the engine management light was still on. I drove off slowly and gradually built up speed, I got it to ??mph and then slowed down, but I did this gradually. When I floored it again the same thing happened, it just cut out and died. This happened 3 times. It starts fine after shutting it down. Does anybody have any ideas as to what this could be or have experienced this before? Cheers Bob
  5. Stitch4x4

    WJ Steel Bumper Lights

    Hi Kelvin So sorry for my late reply, I didn't realise you replied. Thank you for your reply and light info. I need 3" lights and found a set now, I haven't fitted them yet, but hope to once work eases off a bit !!! I will post some pics up once done. I am going to fit an LED light bar too once I figure out which one to get ! Any tips would be appreciated. Love your jeep by the way, looks awesome ! Very Jealous ! Kind regards Bob
  6. Stitch4x4

    WJ 4" Lift

    Thanks Fourpot yours looking good too
  7. Stitch4x4

    WJ Steel Bumper Lights

    Hi Chaps Does anybody know where to get spot / fog / driving or LED lights for my winch bumper? Also for the rear? Cheers Bob
  8. Stitch4x4

    WJ 4" Lift

    By the way I have have 4 mud terrain tyres on 17 inch alloys for sale 5 road tyres on 17 inch alloys, one brand new wheel with a brand new unused tyre. Also a rear bumper with parking sensors A set of springs Plus various suspension parts from the lift and a rzeppa prop shaft A pair of overland rock sliders too
  9. Stitch4x4

    WJ 4" Lift

    i don't seem to be able to upload the finished job so will take another photo when I get back home next week.
  10. Stitch4x4

    WJ 4" Lift

    Hi V Thanks for your comments The tyres are 265/75/R16's on 16x8 modular wheels I got 5 of them. The only thing missing are the center caps which he is waiting to come in stock. Cheers Bob
  11. Stitch4x4

    WJ 4" Lift

    IMG_0908.MOV IMG_0908.MOV And to the CB installation Couldn't decide where to fit it. Decided on the top of the dash in the end. Looks like this place was IMG_0919.MOV IMG_0919.MOVIMG_0919.MOV for it.
  12. Stitch4x4

    WJ 4" Lift

    And to the CB installation Couldn't decide where to fit it. Decided on the top of the dash in the end. Looks like this place was made for it. IMG_0182.MOV
  13. Stitch4x4

    WJ 4" Lift

    And the rear Wifey bought me the plate Just got to figure out how to get the tyre carrier on there now IMG_0919.MOV
  14. Stitch4x4

    WJ 4" Lift

    Then the front winch bumper and rear bumper. I managed to do the rear myself as here wasn't anybody to give me a lift, that was heavy going and my back still hurts now. But the end result is exactly what I had hoped for.
  15. Stitch4x4

    WJ 4" Lift

    Then it was off to get the tyres and wheels fitted. It did look a bit silly with the standard wheels and tyres. The fronts were rubbing on the inner wings or bumper but it didn't matter as it was coming off the following day. My son and I fitted the steel winch bumper, it is a heavy piece of kit and a bit of a fiddle ! Good job his hands are a bit smaller thank mine, i have learnt some patience since starting this project !

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