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  1. Would just like to say thanks to all I met today, learnt a lot, will get the GC ready for off-road use next year! Thanks Neal for running us around the course today, I'll bring some confidence next time around! Thanks Chris for plugging the car in and letting me know a little more about my on going issue, will let you know what it is when it's finally found in a few thousand miles lol. Just to find out how to lift it enough and get some better purpose tyres instead of sports haha. Thanks again folks! Ps that's the dirtiest it's been since I bought it
  2. Setting off now! See you at the site I hope!
  3. Pesky work has interfered with my plans so I'm unable to attend tomorrow afternoon, will definitely make it for Saturday though for a wonder around and meet some folk :)
  4. So excuse my stupid question, but I finish work at 1pm Friday, looking to come up straight from work, so my question is what time does it all close for the day ticket attendees? Also what time on Saturday to turn up? Hopefully other GC WK Hemi owners attend so I can get some ideas and advice
  5. Paid via PayPal as per email :) see you there!
  6. Tdwaiin

    GC (WK) 2006 5.7 Hemi mods

    Got a meeting with a guy who deals in US cars, he's just finished rebuilding a 2006 ram and says he knows a bit about the Hemi power plants. Will see what he says too. Slight tangent but I've noticed you have a GC "star tech" and I'm curious. My GC has Startech 20" alloys but I'm missing 1 centre cap. It's driving me mad and I can't seem to find a replacement :( any ideas?
  7. After missing speedfest annoyingly, I'm determined to make this. It's only an hour away from home! Could I come up Friday afternoon(after work) and then pop back Saturday and Sunday as day tripping? Wouldn't mind learning how to get it dirty. But its not vital. Just attending for the social side really Many thanks!
  8. Tdwaiin

    GC (WK) 2006 5.7 Hemi mods

    Thanks for getting back to me. Cost isn't really an issue, I just don't know where to start, or look for such things. I've thought about supercharger, might be a stupid question here but all I see are charger/300c kits. I'd like to assume it's the same as the jeep but held back to be safe. (We all know what assuming does :icon_e_biggrin: ) It's getting the stuff in the right order, knowing where to look and making sure it is the right parts for the jeep. Also wanting/needing to know the likely issues I'll run into with stock components when modifying, I've read something about the bottom end giving up at a certain stage, just theorising what can be done, what will need to be modified to suit and how to get the best out the lump without switching to a 6.1 or something
  9. Ok guys, I'm looking to start on my Hemi. Looking to add my own touch and a class of performance. It currently has a powerflow Stainless steel exhaust, K&N air filter and the Hemi engine. Loud and pretty damn good as is. But what else can I do to get the power up? It's not an off road jeep as such as I'm a town owner. Any suggestions, recommendations and advic will be considered. I don't know where to start or even to look. Many thanks in advance!
  10. Tdwaiin

    American Speedfest 2017 June 10-11th

    That's grande :) I'll pm now with my many questions :)
  11. Tdwaiin

    American Speedfest 2017 June 10-11th

    Hi, could you put me down for camping too. I'll have a party of 3 :) I'll bring the GC along
  12. Finally the week long wait is over and I have the Hemi I was waiting for. Couple questions though. I'm guessing there's no way to plug phones or anything into the car for music? Secondly, I have 2 keys, one is beyond repair cosmetically but still works and the other doesnt unlock the car. Any suggestions? The jeep has a stainless steel powerflow exhaust equipped and a K&N filter with head shield. It's very loud! Never smiled as much as I have today!
  13. Tdwaiin

    Newbie jeep owner!

    See I was thinking that, but I like the technical aspect of in car entertainment too. Navigation, Bluetooth/hands free, music streaming etc. I don't know if the Boston premium acoustic pack hinders anything though
  14. Tdwaiin

    Newbie jeep owner!

    If it's the hawkstone park I know I'm Oswestry it's about 30 miles from me :great: what day? I'm yet to look through events but the GC will be heading back to Wales on Saturday

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