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  1. Hi Stewart, please do put me down for this as well. This will be my first ever Jeep event as well as the first time to get my Renegade dirty. You mentioned some tuition in your post - I'd be very interested in that to help me get started. Looking forward to it. Nils
  2. nilsonwhels

    Newbie from London

    Thanks guys, will definitely come along to the Slindon event, look forward to getting my Jeep dirty and meeting some of you.
  3. nilsonwhels

    Newbie from London

    Hi Steve and thanks for the welcome. thanks also for the kind advice, this is all very helpful indeed. From all the reviews I've watched and read it seems pretty clear that the on-road driving experience would be much different in a Wrangler compared to the Renegade. And I do genuinely love that Renegade as it is so super easy to drive, be it around town, on the motorway or off road. I will go for some of the JoC events, those suitable for a stock Renegade anyway, and will try to get some coaching and practice to see how much further I'd like to take it. When the time comes I will test drive the JL as much as possible, especially in London, to see if it can work as a daily driver. As a late teenager I often drove my folks 90s Mitsubishi Pajero so I do have a feel for what a less luxurious off-roader is like to drive. Can't wait to test how the Wrangler will feel to drive. Getting it on a PCP deal might be just the ticket as I can test it properly for a couple of years and then decide whether to make a final payment and then get into modifying. Plenty to consider and this seems like an excellent place for further advice! Thanks again! Nils
  4. nilsonwhels

    Newbie from London

    Hi Jules and thanks for the welcome. Thanks for the tip on the dealership, once I get to the point where I can buy the Wrangler I'll check them out. For my Renegade I went to my closest dealer, Desira Southgate on Colney Hatch Lane, and they haven't been great to be honest - no real Jeep enthusiasm there. Thanks also for the nudge re Slindon, I meant to ask Tim whether I can get away with being an off-road novice as well as a Renegade with stock tyres. If you say that's fine I'll be sure to give it a try.
  5. nilsonwhels

    Newbie from London

    Hi BigHank and thanks. Will give Slindon a go next year, looks like I can get some coaching there.
  6. nilsonwhels

    Newbie from London

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. I've got another 18 months PCP on my Renegade so over that time I can watch and see how things develop with the JL, including pricing, discounts and PCP deals. Was gravitating towards the petrol anyway so thanks for the feedback.
  7. nilsonwhels

    Newbie from London

    Hey guys, I'm Nils and am a Jeep newbie in London (are there many of those?). I only got my licence 2 1/2 years ago (at the ripe age of 35!) and bought my first car a year later, which happened to be a Jeep Renegade (Limited 1.4 Multiair 4WD), which I've now had for 18 months. I never thought I could love a car so much, but I do love the little thing, what a perfect first car. Now, I realise by now that the Jeep purists will scoff at the Renegade, but I will say that it's a great all-rounder and it works perfectly as a marketing strategy to get more people into the Jeep world. I'm now at a stage where I absolutely want a Wrangler after doing a bunch of research and crawling YouTube information videos. Seems to me that the new Wrangler JL would be a perfect transition as it has most of the safety and creature comforts that the Renegade has but with proper off-roading capability. I'm also hoping the 2-door JL won't be too bulky to drive around London, which is definitely one benefit of the Renegade. Do you guys have any comments on this? Also, would you recommend the diesel or the forthcoming petrol JL? Last question - while I see out my PCP period on the Renegade and save my pennies for the Wrangler, where would you recommend I can get some beginner off-roading practice in the Renegade not too far from London?

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