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  1. Kryton

    New member in North Derbyshire

    Welcome to the club.
  2. Kryton


    Welcome to the club. You could probably get a disc off eBay if you keep you eye on it or contact people breaking them but in my opinion, really not worth it. The latest disc compatible with your unit is still several years old so you are better off just using a free app like Waze Also, what’s a Clive Sutton limited? I know he’s a car dealer but unsure what’s different on yours. Are you sure you haven’t got a limited (leather interior, heated seats, chrome grill etc) & the Clive Sutton badge isn’t just a dealer badge from when they sold the car? Either way, looks like a clean motor & hope it brings you years of motoring fun
  3. Kryton

    Trapped in a wood..

    My missus had to have her disco manual box reprogrammed the other week. Not sure how that situation came about but the sensors were all outta whack & causing electrical gremlins. Gotta love modern cars lol
  4. Kryton

    Jeep related Christmas presents !

    Ha ha, I am literally wearing jeep branded socks as I type this. Bought some that were advertised as thick & for wellies, didn’t mention jeep anywhere but turned up with proper packaging & little tags that say jeep. Might order some more :icon_e_biggrin:
  5. Subscribing. Don’t want to commit as waiting for several parts to come from Italy that only got ordered at lunch time
  6. Kryton


    Nice, rare colour as well! Does yours have the illuminated side skirts & rear bumper as well? I had to pay a body shop to modify my mudflaps to fit the Startech ones! Nothings ever straight forward lol
  7. Kryton


    Welcome. Good to hear other Startech ones are still kicking about. I’ve got a 5.7 one & just got a crd one for a mate (although his is missing the alloys but I have a spare set I’m trying to convince him to have lol). There’s another 5.7 kicking about the local area too but outside of here, I’ve not seen a single other with the full kit on the road. Stick some photos up & enjoy your motor :)
  8. Kryton

    2017 What Car? Reliability Survey

    I’m confused how Alfa are that high! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve owned several & do like them but they are terrible. The last new one I had was 2012 and on the journey home the brake pedal cover fell off, then when I parked on the drive, I had to put the window down to open the drivers door from the outside as the interior handle wasn’t functioning :icon_lol:
  9. Kryton

    Have a good Christmas

    Just passed a nasty accident whilst in a taxi. No way I can see it would have happened without substances being involved or falling asleep / health issue. Will be getting a taxi home in a few hours too. Have a good & safe one everyone :)
  10. I bought mine from auto styling uk. Mine is the shape before yours though & they don’t seem to list them. They are made by EGR & very good quality. I’ve had many parts made by them for cars over the years (mostly Mitsubishi though to be fair) so might be worth an email. I will have a proper look once sober
  11. Kryton

    Grand Cherokee buying advice needed

    If you’re after a Wh/Wk, I would go for as later year as you can afford. I have an 05 for the same tax reason but have slowly gone through the car, sorting out issues jeep sorted out on later ones. Only think that you can’t prepare for is valve seat drop on the early Hemi
  12. I didn’t think it was necessary on hid because of the flat beam. I know some cars had a lever where you can flip the reflector for each side but don’t think it exists on jeep. I would be inclined to buy the stickers & just take them with you. I bought 2 lots of headlamp protectors for mine with one lot having the beam stickers. I can now just swap between the 2 without worrying about the hassle of peeling all the residue off afterwards
  13. Does it have HID or halogen lights?

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