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  1. Marcus Durand

    Summer Camp 2019 - August 08 to 11 Now Confirmed

    In Bucks it is from the 25th July to the 3rd September.
  2. Thanks Stewart. Could you put me +3 on the list for this please? Marcus.
  3. Marcus Durand

    Marcus's Grand Cherokee WJ

    Sorry Vindaloo, I didnt see your question: I bought them on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/sevamb?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754 Hope this is helpful. They also sell a hidden winch plate, but I haven't gone that route (yet). Marcus.
  4. Hi Stewart. How much will it be for the day?
  5. If the time and place are right, I'd be up for this too.
  6. Marcus Durand

    1998 Cherokee 4.0 Ltd - Project

    Thanks for the posts Glen, really interesting and great detail.
  7. Marcus Durand

    Marcus's Grand Cherokee WJ

    Just "most places" will do me! Do you know any good routes in this neck of the woods?
  8. Marcus Durand

    Marcus's Grand Cherokee WJ

    If you feel like showing me around some of them, let me know!
  9. Marcus Durand

    Marcus's Grand Cherokee WJ

    I need to find somewhere interesting to drive it now.
  10. Marcus Durand

    Marcus's Grand Cherokee WJ

    And now with some nice new 245 70 16 Kumho MT 51s.
  11. Four day ticket paid for, looking forward to it! :icon_razz:
  12. Thanks Jim. Do the pitches we have for the camp have power? We would like to try and arrange to have the same pitch for the whole time rather than move if possible; what do you suggest I ask or say to them? Marcus.
  13. Hi Stewart and Jim. Do I need to contact the campsite directly to arrange additional camping nights? We're really looking forward to the camp and seeing you all agaim. Marcus.

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