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  1. Woffordmb

    Wanted, rear seat from 2-door JK

    I'm not in that much of a hurry and can wait until you get back. I'll catch you when you get back. Thanks again for the offer and enjoy yourself in China.
  2. Woffordmb

    Wanted, rear seat from 2-door JK

    Thanks Frosty...also, thanks for reminding me about the seat belts . I will have to make arrangement to come to you soon - I live at LU7 0FR. When is best for you? Also, what is your drink of choice? Thanks again! For the others who posted - yes, I already have the Teraflex brackets from the US. Now I just need the seat and seat belts. Thanks for the comments.
  3. I am converting my four door JK into a 7-seat vehicle by adding a 2-door JK rear seat in the boot. Anyone interested in selling back seat they aren't using?
  4. Hey Stewart, can you add me to the list?
  5. I plan to attend...please add me to the list
  6. Woffordmb

    American Speedfest 2018 June 9-10th

    I just sent an email with my details which I didn't realize I was supposed to send in April! :slap: I'm still planning on coming on Sunday even if I can't be at one of the club stands. Let me know otherwise. Happy to drive folks for charity!
  7. Woffordmb

    Parkwood 4x4 Sunday 20th May 2018

    See you there...just paid
  8. Woffordmb

    American Speedfest 2018 June 9-10th

    Can you add me to the list for Sunday? I'll be bringing the entire family Me+4!

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