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  1. Can you add me too, please!
  2. I'd be up for it too, as long as plenty of notice.
  3. Matt

    Just joined

    welcome on board. The Moab was a beaut..
  4. Matt

    Hi from Sussex

    Nice JKU!
  5. Matt

    New jeep JL

    Nice one. It's pretty much the same spec and colour I'd order. Impressive!
  6. Might be able to make it - only a few miles away!
  7. Matt

    New jeep JL

    Looks fantastic! Interested in hearing how you get on re mileage on an extended run. What are you planning on changing?!
  8. Probably not a popular opinion, but... I think that ULEZ is a good thing:for Greater London. Air quality is poor, the city is congested and the 'demand' on the road network needs to be reduced. However, crazy that the vehicles qualifying seem not to follow any convention!
  9. Matt

    Not jeep related

    That's really cool
  10. Matt

    Jeep Music

    Raconteurs and Lightnin' Hopkins, feels like I should be running moonshine!
  11. Matt

    Matt's JK

    No through the trip computer. But Pro-Cal for the 33's and then the 35's; based upon the better noise and general performance I thought it was down to less rolling resistance / weight.
  12. Matt

    Matt's JK

    I've got a smittybilt "defender" rack, and those plates are where it fixes to the roof at the back. I'm just too lazy to ake them off!
  13. Matt

    Matt's JK

    Been running about in the jeep today, they genuinely are a revelation on the road, great wet grip, minimal noise and the mpg improved. In terms of looks, I preferred the open country look, but they're growing on me
  14. Matt

    Matt's JK

    Thanks. Got the number plate when I got it - quite subtle I thought!
  15. Matt

    Matt's JK

    Alex finished up on the Jeep today (few minor bits still on order). Gone for JKS 2.5" lift, 35x12.5x17 BFG KM3, Sprint-Booster, Rigid Task light, Terraflex Tyre carrier. The rugged ridge locking wheel nuts had been tightened up too much by the local tyre place, resulting in Alex and his guys having to engineer a solution (through welding a nut on to each one) to remove them. Not sure anyone else would have stuck at it, another good reference point for good customer service! Amazed by the difference in the tyres from my 33" cooper STT's (not pro). My mpg went up and the noise was almost un-noticeable - great for a mud tyre! Some snaps below:

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