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    Looking to buy a Cherokee CRD 2.5 hopefully this weekend

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  1. jonrms

    commander winch bumper

    Very nice. I love it when jeeps go back to there roots. Rugged and off road. I am working slowly in my own Jeep but it's cost and time. Keep it up I can't wait to watch your project develop
  2. jonrms

    Jeep Cherokee CRD or liberty Side steps

    :icon_neutral: sorry not sure why the pictures loaded like this
  3. Ok first modification made. More to come.
  4. Booked for next week on Wed at 10am. :icon_massacre: very happy. Will post some pictures when it's done.
  5. Thank you. I will contact Andy. :icon_bounce:
  6. I couldn't see the shop name sadly. Please pm me the details. I am hopefully someone can help. But I am willing to bring it into a shop if needed.
  7. Yes I have the instructions. Nothing but bolting it on. But I am disabled with a broken back. So I can't fit these myself. I am willing to pay and supply plenty of coffee or tea. It's a Jeep Cherokee CRD or liberty. The kit is brand new and everything is here to fit it. I just would appreciate any support. I am in Cottingham near Hull. Thank you again. I know this is odd to ask for help and I wouldn't normally but someone mentioned to me to ask.
  8. jonrms

    Autumn day in the country

    Nice brace you shot. I miss the hunting.
  9. jonrms

    Mitsubishi Jeep

    York is a 45 minute drive. Be great to have a Humberside or East Yorkshire meet
  10. jonrms

    Newbie and 4x4 virgin!

    Very much agree. Curious how many models have been affected by the recall. My Jeep Cherokee/ Liberty was recalled for this as well.
  11. Thanks this thread can be closed now. I have a Jeep. It's here now. Sadly the dealership put a nice dent in it. I am in Cottingham as well on Wake Avenue. Would be nice to meet up with another member
  12. jonrms

    Soo annoyed and cross

    :diablo: Long story cut short. I have been without my Jeep for 7 weeks. Since the recall I had a minor problem with a Jeep dealership. I am disabled and have been house bound since. My Jeep is stuck on ramps at a branch of this company who are also a jeep dealership because 1 part is missing and another was the wrong one.
  13. Although I am new... Heck... VERY interested.. just have to be VERY careful with my back.
  14. jonrms


    My drones and other medical equipment will be going into my Jeep soon. I am considering a snorkel as it's petrol but I think that's s waste as the spark plugs will get hit if deep enough. I am also going to add some anchor points to my jeep to guide lines if needed. White and yellow strobes are all I can use now as I am not doing this under a licence for EMS anymore.
  15. jonrms

    new bumper

    :icon_eek: love the look.

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