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  1. **The sale of the Jeep has fallen through** Update of recent work in the last 500miles New Ball Joints. New Drag Link. New 1 Ton Tie rod with life time warranty on the ends. Fresh oil in the Diffs. General Service 1,500miles ago. (Ive serviced the Jeep every 3k-4k miles since owning)
  2. matt28493

    My JKU Build

    Hi V, (Sorry I don't know your real name aha) Thats was a lot of useful information mate and its much appreciated! Limiting straps had crossed my mind, just not six of them! As for wheel base, I was aiming for a 100" wheel base. Im happy cutting up the body when needed. I also know that you can happily push the front forwards 3"s with out a issue. Its the rear I want to be careful with! Im not a fan when they cut the back end pretty much completely out. Yes maybe it helps with off roadie for the extra long wheel base... But I also want to like the look of the vehicle and aesthetically Im not a fan of no back end. Im sure the rozzers would have something to say about it also! Anti Role Bars- Yes I think in all honesty I will be having them front and rear. Preferably the Currie Anti Rock. Centre of Gravity- Yes this is something I have been thinking about a lot! In theory I think with my plan I should be okay. The axles should be a fair bit wider than stock resulting in a wider stance which should help! Im not one to mount things up top, whether its a LWB or SWB vehicle. I will be keeping a hard top if it comes with one. But I'll be buying a soft top for the summer for sure!! Ive potentially got my JKU sold. So now I just need to hunt for a TJ that's solid, straight and clean with LOW miles!
  3. matt28493

    My JKU Build

    Yeah you're right, it will be a big change and it will take some getting used to. But I think I should be fine, I actually can't wait ! No I'm after a stock one as theres some big plans.. Axle swaps to D60 rear and D44 front (Both locked), Long arm kit with a 4 link triangulated rear and 3link front + track bar (So four link). Then stretch the wheel base a little. Looking at Fox shocks and rubicon express 4.5" Lifted springs. Then all the prop-shafts and gizmos that go with lifting a TJ by that much. I have my list... It's getting longer and longer With the way the suspension is being designed we are aiming for both good on road and off road manners. In theory it should drive sweet
  4. Price: £18,199 **Im open to sensible offers** Okay so after plenty of thought and heart ache, I’ve decided it’s best I sell my Jeep. It’s time I grow up and buy a house! Nah just kidding, I want a TJ As I’m sure a lot of you are aware, this has been a very well cared for vehicle, with only one previous owner to me. It’s been well looked after serviced regularly since I’ve had it and I’ve kept on top of the general maintenance. Below you will find a list of the modifications that have been done. CRD SAHARA 45,000miles AUTO Box 4:10 Gearing It will come with the following- Mopar Hard top Mopar soft top 35” Cooper STT Pros 16” 0 offset modular rims 4” Old Man Emu suspension lift Rubicon Express front lower control arms Warn Rock Crawler stubby front bumper Trussed front axle by JFT Fabrication JFT Built high steer Supreme Suspensions 1ton tie rod Moog Drag link Moog Ball joints Outer Axle Seals JFT Fabrication rock/tree sliders LED Headlights LED reverse floods LED 50” light bar LED rock lights. Albrecht AE-6891 remote head CB Sirio Hi-Power 3000PL Antenna Pioneer SPH-DA120 App Radio DIY mount for jack to be held above draws. Teraflex HD Hinged tyre carrier JK Wrangler Snorkel Kentrol Door hinge bushings (easy on/off and no rattle) Bestop Heavy Duty floor mats front to back I’m open to sensible offers.
  5. matt28493

    My JKU Build

    Well team, the time has come for me to sell my Jeep. Im looking to move to a TJ so it won't be a drastic change. Ive posted a Sale Ad in the For Sale page. Wish me luck
  6. matt28493

    Kahn Jeep Wrangler FOR SALE

    Hi mate, No offence- Im sorry but I think you need to have a look at your pricing for this one... Seems a tad too high!
  7. matt28493

    Matt's JK

    Haha, fair enough dude. You would be right on the 25yo and I totally get where you're coming from. Mucking it up on the video- You're right, no one on the internet wants to show them selves getting it wrong. Thats for us to do haha. Having everything- Also fair enough, on my first truck I had this a lot. One time I had the full front end stripped down and realised I was missing a small yet vital part. With this I learnt to compile a list of what I needed to make sure this would never be the case again. Plug and Play- Yeah its not always the case, I get that and have had that. But in this case it actually was for me. I had all the harness adapters to ready to go and it took me about a hour to swap out. Im not trying to argue or say I'm right by the way. This is just how I am when it comes to practical things. My dad is the same, we are just both very hands on. So blame him I guess? But so far I have done everything on my truck as you can see in my build thread, from big jobs such as front axle rebuilds and suspension lifts to small jobs like inner axle seals and LED work lights. For me thats one of the main enjoyments about owning a four wheel drive. Who knows, maybe when I have loads of spare cash Ill do the same. But I doubt it haha, hopefully I'll just build a large workshop like my old mans to do my work in.
  8. matt28493

    Matt's JK

    Why pay some one to install?! Its easy, just follow a youtube video and you will be fine. As long as you have everything needed, you should be just plug and play! I haven't watched this one all the way through.. Or with the sound on as I'm in work and shouldn't really be on here (haha ) But it looks like the right kinda thing. Honestly just give it a go and be gentle, you'll be fine!
  9. matt28493

    My JKU Build

    Hi Kelvin, Thanks mate! The beauty of jeeps is that they always requires mods, its never ending! I like the ride of the Old Man Emu, I had a Old man Emu kit on my pick up truck prior and that handled great. On and off road! Ive not heard much about terriferma jeep wise, so I'm intrigued to see how you get on! Get some photos taken and add them to your current/create a build thread. Cheers, Matt.
  10. matt28493

    My JKU Build

    One of my shots from a recent off-roading weekend! I do love my Jeep!
  11. matt28493

    My JKU Build

    So it has been quite some time since I last posted in here. Since then, there has been a few upgrades and teething issues with the Jeep. Front axle Shafts Ive had to change out my front axle shafts as I kept spitting out caps on the drivers side. Turns out this had been happening due to a damaged yoke, I was on my second stub shaft and UJ in just a few months and Id had enough! I spoke with Steve at FTE and he sent me up a set of his old shafts which have been great! No more issues on that front! Steering I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my steering. Ive gone with a Moog Drag-Link/tie rod end. This is a great piece of kit, well priced and seems to be very well made! I then upgraded to a 1-ton tie-rod bar, I got this from the US. Its made my Supreme Suspensions and comes with a life-time warranty. I also managed to wrangle a set of spare ends out of them for free!! Ball Joints My Ball-Joints were also shot so I punched them out and swapped them for a set of Moog joints. Again a very nice piece of kit, stronger over stock and well priced. So far, so good! The Originals didn't want to budge, we asked nicely but they still didn't pop so out came the fire and out they came! Morris 4x4 (I hope admin don't mind this, one off mention!!) When over in Florida I took a trip to Morris 4x4 and picked up some Kentrol Door Hinge bushings. Great kit and worth every penny! Now my doors don't rattle and slide on and off with ease!! I would highly recommend!!! I bought a set Lube locker Gaskets for both diffs, I love these. The clean up was a pain the get the surfaces clean. But now its done I'm very happy! No more faffing on with RTV! I also picked up a bunch of spare UJs to keep in the draws. Door Stand I also built a stand to keep my doors safe for the one day a year I take them off!
  12. matt28493

    Parkwood 4x4 Sunday 20th May 2018

    I won't be able to make it this time. Sorry
  13. matt28493

    My JKU Build

    Rear Draw modification As you will be aware I built some draws for the back of the JKU last year. They have been working brilliantly and have held up to a fair bit of abuse and weight! One downside of them was that if you went to grab something at night, you couldn't see a thing. I came up with a plan to wire in some lights to solve this issue. First step was to remove the draws and then empty them. After that I ran a fused +/- cable from the battery to the boot. I then added a plug not to the end so that I could remove the draws if needed. Next I started building up the loom for each draw, this incorporated four LED lights per draw and a Push switch. Once this was done I pinned all the cables up and re installed the draws. All in all im super happy with the outcome, the LED lights produce mountains of light and in my opinion they look rather professional. Maybe I should start taking orders? :icon_lol:
  14. matt28493

    My JKU Build

    Hi Tim, Thanks mate :great: Yeah I have the 16x8 modular rims from Tyres Direct. Brand wise, I don't have a clue what they are. Sadly I don't have any centre caps, I bought these rims because at the time I got one of the first sets of Cooper STT Pros in 35s. Sadly TD only had them for a 16" rim. So I bought them and these rims, but I'm looking at selling my tyres late this year to go up to a set of 37s on 17s... hopefully I will have a d44 fabricated and under the Jeep by then also. I doubt I'd buy steel modulars again. I may go to something fancy with a centre cap. Cheers, Matt.
  15. matt28493

    My JKU Build

    Interior Lights/Glove Compartment mod So im not too sure if I have ever posted about this... One of the things I think we all find is lacking in the JKs is interior lighting. One of the things I have done to combat this issue is to buy a bunch of these little LED trailer light strips. I stuffed two into each dome light which has made a massive difference, sadly I have no images of these, but its a simple mod. Simply remove the Dome light and then the stock bulb, stuff the LED lights into the dome and just simply shove the positive and negative cables into the terminals and off you go. The glove Compartment is terrible at night, you can never find anything. So I added another LED light into there along with a push/plunger switch. This takes its feed directly from the constant feed power outlet on the dash. The switch is activated when the compartment is opened and then deactivated when the door is closed in turn compressing the plunger switch. As you have seen I installed a mounting for my iPad. I found that when I was last out the iPad wasn't charging when plugged into my radios dash mounted USB ports. It turns out that most car USB ports produce 1amp as thats all a mobile phone needs to charge. However a iPad needs double that at 2.1amps. Meaning the iPad was registering as 'charging' yet it wasn't increasing in percentage. I installed a Blue Sea 2.1amp dual USB port into the glove compartment. Now my iPad will charge up throughout the day and I won't have any more issues. Im pleased with how this turned out, as its out the way and neat.

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