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  1. Just a massive thank you to all the organisers and sponsors and everyone that made it a memorable day, second year and a bit more confidence made for an even more enjoyable day out! Thank you!
  2. slammedeluxe

    Newbie from London

    Come along to Slindon in February! Alex.
  3. We had a great day in my 2015 Renegade Limited 4x4 Earlier this year! We have been looking forward to 2019 for ages!
  4. Had a great day last year, can you add me to the list please too! Alex
  5. slammedeluxe

    Ragged the Renegade around a Pay and Play site

    Great Video! I had a great time in February with my Anvil Limited at the JOC day at Slindon too. Anvi Trailhawk makes me envious!
  6. slammedeluxe

    Greetings From Woking Surrey

    I’m a stones throw from you, I’m behind the playing fields with the netting etc!
  7. slammedeluxe

    Greetings From Woking Surrey

    Welcome Gav! I'm based in Knaphill, great looking Jeep! Alex
  8. slammedeluxe

    Hi all! New member in Surrey

    I think I'd settle for any colour on a Wrangler!! love your unlimited :great: Alex
  9. slammedeluxe

    Hi all! New member in Surrey

    Congrats on the new Renegade for when it arrived! What spec did you go for?
  10. slammedeluxe

    Hi all! New member in Surrey

    Hi Mark, thank you! it’s called Anvil Grey, and changes hue quite a bit in different lights. I’m fairly sure it’s available on other Jeeps now, I’m sure I’ve seen it on new Cheeokee’s for example. My first choice would have been Omaha Orange, and then Anvil so I was happy to track this down.
  11. slammedeluxe

    Hi all! New member in Surrey

    Thanks Stewart! Alex
  12. slammedeluxe

    Hi all! New member in Surrey

    RAIDER and Stewart, thank you! As a Newcomer, any advice, extra things I should bring or is it really turn up and just take it all in etc? Alex
  13. Hi All Just wanted to say helloI hope to be able to attend Sunday and my first Jeep Owners Club event at Slindon Safari. I bought my '15 Jeep Renegade Limited 4x4 2.0l Diesel Manual back in early 2016 and I have put 40000 miles on it so far, with zero complaints. It's my first Jeep, and whilst I had an image of the brand in my mind, I have to say that I have been mightily impressed by the enthusiasm, helpfulness and the general welcoming and acceptance Jeep people have for each other. Whilst my Renegade is my 'daily' and ticks all the boxes, I understand that it's probably not the most 4x4 capable vehicle, although perhaps it has better credentials than others in it's 'class'. Anyway, Hi everyone, I look forward to having a play on Sunday and hopefully not bending it!

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