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  1. Sorry, but I cant make this now, cheers.
  2. Can you ad me please. cheers Mark.
  3. Mark 1

    Hampshire Jeep dealers

    Thanks chaps, any more suggestions ? I contacted Jeep UK, they recommended : Westover Christchurch Stony Lane Christchurch, Wlmg Reading Rose Kiln Lane Reading, Bishops Guildford 29 MOORFIELD ROAD GUILDFORD So, nearest looks like Christchurch or Guildford then, both around 40 + miles away! I hope they do courtesy cars :icon_e_wink: How about decent indies near to Winchester ? cheers
  4. Mark 1

    Hampshire Jeep dealers

    Hi Chaps and Chapesses Any recommendations for Jeep dealers as near to Winchester as poss ? Whilst my Rubicon is still under warranty I might need to use one. Snows in Southampton,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well,,,,,,,,,,,,,, never return calls, enough said. Any good suggestions welcome cheers
  5. Mark 1

    Snow Pic's

    Footnote, also on Friday myself and a mate in his Very capable heavily modified Shogun drove some lanes in north Hampshire, one just south of Winslade we came across another Jeep, TJ i think, green, beige fabric roof with Jurassic park stickers on the doors :great:
  6. Mark 1

    Snow Pic's

    After ferrying around midwifes near me on Friday we went and had a play with the Salisbury plain district 4 x 4 club over the Plain on Sunday, great fun :icon_e_biggrin:
  7. Mark 1

    Grandad and grandson

    Here are my pride and joys, there is a wonderful similarity between the 2. Jeep have done a great job IMO of keeping the "character" over the past 76 years. The Granddad is more fun though, albeit it would not be if you had to use it as you main mode of transport :icon_e_wink:
  8. Sadly I cant make this, have to work. Hope to attend another off roading event with you all soon. cheers Mark.
  9. Mark 1

    Another hello to all.

    Thanks, hopefully will be at Slindon on the 4th :icon_e_smile:
  10. Hello Just joined :great: I have owned an 1959 M201 now for just over 2 years, wonderful machine a huge amount of fun, and a Very capable off-roader. Recently we added its Grandson a 2017 2 door Rubicon Recon which we intend to do some off roading with as well, so hope to see you at an event soon. cheers Mark.

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