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  1. If you had not done it Graham i probably would have
  2. geoff meadows

    North West newbie

    Hi and welcome to the club enjoy your keep I am also north west based
  3. geoff meadows

    Thetford Forest Recce

    Sunday the 6th of Jan ok with me
  4. geoff meadows

    Thetford Forest Recce

    saturday or sunday can do makes no difference to me 60 miles sounds good
  5. geoff meadows

    Summer Camp 2019

    i will go with south australia for summer camp may need to be longer than 4 days though to make the travelling worth it go for a couple of months fit in a few trials then
  6. good on you be nice to see you there
  7. geoff meadows

    Thetford Forest Recce

    any one of them ok with myself
  8. geoff meadows

    Thetford Forest Recce

    saturday the 8th clashes with kielder so that rules a few people out from helping out
  9. geoff meadows

    Thetford Forest Recce

    interested in this one jim a area ive wanted to go to for awhile but live miles away so dont have much local knowledge
  10. geoff meadows

    Hello from Australia

    hi nick 2 and 3 year old jeep need a iva test if you go to gov. uk iva website you will find a guide manual of the specs of conformity and also a list of test centers some of which are private companies that do the mods needed there my be one close to your new home
  11. geoff meadows

    Hello from Australia

    hi nick how old are the wranglers? if over 10 years old they only need a british mot test to check its safe to drive on the road so no E markings needed so headlights ok if newer it needs a iva test to check it complies to eu spec jeeps being american it is quite easy most of it is cross referencing us specs to eu specs the guys at mildenhall can easily sort iva paper work for you to register it in england you need proof of ownership overseas a registration from current country date of manufacture and a nova certificate which is a letter from uk customs saying that uk vat and import duty have been paid if the need to be you then get a imported registration pack from british dvla message me if you need more info
  12. geoff meadows

    Few JK update photos

    best thing you can do with some of these over complicated poor engine modern vehicles
  13. geoff meadows

    Newbie from London

    hi there big hank not near london so cant help you on that one based in southport my self ther will be plenty of nice helpfull jeepers at slindon to help you out and give you some pointer on your offroad exploits from there its just a case of practise to build your ability and confidence my see you at slindon
  14. geoff meadows

    Santa Pod

    have a fun day jim

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