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  1. pm sent to joc admin hope I sent it to the correct place thanks
  2. geoff meadows

    Back on/off the road again in Hampshire

    you are spot on with your info about lighthousr jeep parts tim .very good company to deal with
  3. geoff meadows

    Back on/off the road again in Hampshire

    hello and welcome your tj is a similar build to mine although mine has not been of the road for 9 years just not used enough. I have used lighthouse jeep parts in Norfolk for parts for all my jeeps and found them very good
  4. hi jim please put my name down for whit cliff quarry thanks
  5. really interested in your conversion codi be good to see it when you get it finished
  6. geoff meadows

    Jeep Wrangler TJ 2004 - Modified

    hi Malcolm welcome to the club nice tj you have there what make and size are your wheels I would like some like that for mine
  7. sounds good jim might tempt me to drive 300 miles to slindon
  8. geoff meadows

    Hi new member

    hello Jason I also have a grand Cherokee a 4.7 v8 and also a hemi 2500 ram in power wagon spec may see you at some future events
  9. geoff meadows

    European Jeepers Jamboree 6-10th June 2019

    Hi looks like I registered just in time hope I do get a ticket
  10. hi jules i like your idea willing to give you a hand if there are enough members interested local to me north west based myself give me a shout as you move on with your plans
  11. geoff meadows

    Thetford Forest Recce

    thanks jim will look forward to that ive wanted to do thetford forest for a few years post us some pics of your day
  12. geoff meadows

    Thetford Forest Recce

    hi jim I am sorry that I will not be able to do sunday I was going to make I a long weekend away with it being a few miles from southport to travel but sadly the better half has now got a bad dose of the flue hope to see you soon thanks
  13. Found out if you don't use a job it don't break good we converted him in the end he has seen the light wish him all the best for the new year
  14. I like the video glad I kept you entertained at the hotel all the best for the new year catch you soon
  15. geoff meadows


    merry christmas everyone

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